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The way to make money with JVZoo is by firstbuilding an email list of prospects within a niche market, such as "making money online".

You can then set up an autoresponder sequence with emails that both build trust throughhelpful content and product offers.

These product offers are products that you can findand become an affiliate of on JVzoo.

So What is JVZoo?JVZoo is a market place for digital products like online courses and software plug insfor example.

The idea of the site is that if you are a product creator you can advertiseyour product and find affiliates and JV partners to promote it for you.

If you're not a content creator you can becomean affiliate for others, promoting their products.

In this video I'm assuming you're the latterand that you will be looking to make money with JVZoo as an affiliate.

Once you finda product to promote, JVZoo generates you a special link which means that when peoplevisit and buy the product you get paid a percentage of the profits.

To find the products you want to promote,after you have signed up for your free account, go to top sellers on the Market Place tab.

Here you can see the hottest products that are currently selling well.

You can visitthe sales page to see if you like the product or even buy the product and go through thetraining.

You can also use the search page to get more metrics on your chosen productwhich will help you decide if it is a good product to promote.

These metrics includeEPC (earnings per click) and refund rate.

You want a high EPC and a low refund rate.

In basic terms if the EPC is $3.

This means that you would receive roughly $3 for everyclick you send to that sale page.

So once you know you're making money fromyour list you just need to ramp up the traffic to your opt in page to make more money.

Thereare many ways to do this which I cover In a different video.

So there's an overviewof How to make money with JVZoo.

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