hey this is Aaron Chen how you doingwelcome to this video if you're here right now this is actually a training onhow to make money with jvzoo okay so this is a jvzoo affiliate marketingtutorial if you're here watching this right now you obviously know that jvzoois an affiliate marketing marketplace you can find lots of different productsthat you can potentially promote for yourself every time you sell one ofthose products you potentially generate a commission for yourself you get alittle cut of what the actual developer of the product is willing to give youand that's kind of how affiliate marketing works right but maybe youdon't really understand how to do it exactly so if you look at the screenright now this is actually jvzoo to get there it's very simple you just type outWW jvzoo calm okay and if you want to get some training all you need to do isyou go to tools right on the right-hand side there and you will see this littlething called start with jvzoo academy and you can enroll now for free and itwill literally take you through the process and i'll show you exactly youknow what you need to do and i recommend that you do this because this is thebest way to understand you know what all the little buttons mean up here rightand you know where to go and what to do and all that stuff but what I'm going todo right now is I'm going to give you a really quick crash course okay probablyover the next five minutes I'll show you what I know about jvzoo and how topromote and I'll even give you some some some strategies on what you should bedoing and what you should not be doing because a lot of people don't reallyknow how to do this stuff properly if you were to you know market some ofthese products directly you probably won't do very well alright and I'll talkabout that again why right so the first thing you want to do really is you wantto create an account right and and if you haven't created an account what willhappen is when you when you first come into jvzoo there will be a registrationpage and all you need to do is click on the page and then just register for freeokay then they're going to give you a login via email and then you can loginand then you're going to probably see this page now once you're here and yousigned up for free it's basically like creating a free email account right whatyou need to do is you can come to my account alright and you can set up yourpayment profile so that you just think to to do to get paid iscreate a PayPal account right and you can get your your w9 you know if you'rein the US you have to set it up for tax reasons if you're international youprobably won't have to do this but if you're Americanyou definitely want to fill up your tax forms ok because that's very veryimportant in order to get paid and pay your tax money every single year allright and then I would come to product library okay once you have you know gonethrough the jvzoo Academy yourself right is I would come to product library andyou can see different things like the actual product library okay which willgive you every single thing now the cool thing about jvzoo is that they've gotproducts in basically every single category you can think of right so thisbusiness and Finance is cooking in food there's employment this educationthere's entertainment there's health and fitness which is a very popular oneright so you know how to a weight loss you know health for men sleeping weightgain women's health right you can market gambling systems home and family likegardening and you know home improvements lots of different niche markets that youcan come into right parenting children and family lots of really good stuffself-improvement so anger management dating you know these are some of thebig ones okay what I recommend is the ones that are always really reallypopular are wealth okay so the wealth niche is very popularthe health niche is also very popular and the dating niche the love niche isvery very popular okay so these are the three big ones if you promote productswithin this space you generally be okay alright but what I like to do is I liketo come back to the product library I like to look at the top sellers listokay and the reason why I like to go to the top sellers list is generallybecause if it's selling well right then generally speaking they've probably gota pretty good sales funnel behind the product okay and you want the product tohave a good sales funnel okay so if you look at the top sellers today you cansee you know ranked number one to number ten these are the top sellers yesterdayand then you can see the top sellers past seven days and the top sellers inthe past thirty days now I like to look at the top sellers in the past thirtydays because this is a more accurate reflection of which one of the productsare actually doing really well over a month right so a lotof these guys you'll see generally speaking they are in the make money youknow internet marketing home-based business niche okayso video zone internet marketing platform you know WordPress tag machineinstant product lab Pro these all sound like internet marketing type of productsokay so if you're in that space then maybe you can come here and you can signup to be an affiliate and all you have to do is click on the fill it detailsand sign up and here's the thing about jvzoo is that you need to get approvedin order to sell their products as a seller okay so for example with videozone I'm just going to click on affiliate details and basically it willtell you exactly what you need to do ok so there's some sort of promotion hereI'm going to click off that and if you come down here it will actually tell youthat the sales price for video zone is $67 upfront right and you're going toget a 50% Commission so you'll probably get you know thirty three fifty orwhatever it is okay now and it gives you an idea here it says it's a sales funnelthe product is part of the sales funnel which includes up to five other productsinside okay now if you want to see the affiliate contest you can click on thisbutton right here but I'm not going to do that if you want to you can check outvideo Zone in the profile they've got a host of other products that they'retrying to sell as well but in order to get access to this you need to fill outa form and give them a reason why you want to promote the product andsometimes they're going to ask for you know they would ask you what are some ofthe strategies that you're going to use to promote their product and the reasonfor that is because these guys have quite a good reputation and they don'twant people spamming their stuff on the internet okay so I give a good reasonhere and then request a field approval and when you get affiliate approval theywill send you an email and you can also check it out in your in your back officeright under your account here I think on the product library and let me see letme sorrow under a Philips and under approved products okay and once you getapproved you can go to approve products and then they will give you a link andwhen you promote that link and people buy from that link that's how yougenerate a commission through jvzoo it's prettystraightforward okay so that's that's kind of how you do it now I'm going togo back and I'm going to show you what you need to do now once you've found aproduct that you want to market okay I would actually check it out so I wouldclick into the product and I just want to see you know exactly what the productlooks like and what it's about right so I click on videos own okay and you knowusually what happens is I'm going to let this load a little bit yes okay okaycool so I pause it yep so this is basicallythe videos own sales page right that you're looking at right now and whatthey usually have is they'll have some sort of you know title or on the frontok headline create George offering live action video animations in just threeclicks okay and then there will be a sales video and it says yesterday youwould have needed a film crew actors and thousands of dollars but with video zoneyou just need video zone live action and and this product is basically a softwarethat creates video sales letters ok that's basically what it does right andthen you can watch it and if you think it's cool right and usually there's youknow something to talk testimonials there's a bit of a video sales letterand what I would do is if I were you I would go through all this stuff okI would literally go through all this because it's pretty important you knowfor you to kind of get a feel for what the product is about nowa better thing to do and and I highly recommend this for all the products thatyou're trying to market is I would buy a copy of it myselfok because you want to make sure that the product that you're marketing isactually good right what's up what's up what's the point of marketing a crappyproduct because what's going to happen is even if you start selling a lot ofthese products what will happen is that if it's not a good product then thepeople that you're your potential customers that are buying it they'regoing to find out that you're selling crappy products and you're not going toget a very good reputation so you're going to make money in the short termright but you want to be able to do this for the long term okay so listen in thisjay-z jvzoo affiliate marketing tutorial I really want to teach you how to makemoney on jvzoo the right way okay so it's very veryimportant that you do this correctly okay so I would recommend buying theproduct just so that you have you know I would say authority on selling itproperly and you know whether it's a good quality product or not okay solet's just say you go through this and you think everything is good now whatyou want to do is you want to obviously go back you want to request permissionfor that product okay and then you're going to get a link in a couple of daysand then you want to promote that link okay now here is the big big thing and Iam going to just kind of pull this up oh sorry about that I'm going to pull up anew document and I'm going to kind of make this big if I can okay now here isthe thing that you don't want to do this is what you don't want to do okay you donot want to drive traffic straight to your jvzoo promo link you don't want todo that okay because if you do that what's going to happen this is a no-nookay that's a big no-no do not do this okay because what happens is if you dothis I'm going to just actually I don't know what I'm doingsorry about that I wouldn't do this because what's happening here iseveryone online is doing this okay and because everyone online is doingthis you're going to look exactly the same as everybody else all rightso never drive traffic directly to your jvzoo promo link so that means you knowif you're using traffic strategies like you know it could be anything it couldbe driving traffic from Facebook YouTube SEO whatever it is you do not want todrive it directly to this page that I showed you just now right so don't drivetraffic through straight to this videos own page because there are a couple ofthings that you're going to miss out on the first thing is you're going to wantpeople come to this page if they don't like the videos on offer they're justgoing to disappear and you're never going to see them again and what what'sgoing on is you really spend a lot of time a lot of money on that traffic andyou're never going to be able to follow up with them okay so what you want to doinstead is you want to put something in between and I'm going to show you righthere what you want to do is you want to drive traffic to something called alanding page okay now a landing page is basically a website that you own okaythat asks for an email address before you send them to the potentialopportunity right now if you if you want to build a landing page I can recommenda really really good program called click funnels okay now click funnels youcan check out in the link below I've got a little link to click funnels it is avery powerful funnel builder okay you can build anything from you know landingpages to webinar pages to a whole sales funnel if you want to for your productanything you want you can do in click click funnels and you can click below toget access to that if you want right now a lot of people would do this they woulddrive traffic straight from the they would they would drive traffic to thelanding page and usually they would send it straight to their jvzoo link okay nowyou don't want to do this okay this is a big no-no don't do this if you do thatagain you're going to look like 99% of all the internet marketers out therewhat you want to do instead okay is you want to create some value in between thejvzoo promo page and your landing page okay so if you look on the screen rightnow what I would do is I would drive traffic to the landing page and then Iwould put something called the value seriesin between the promo link okay now what is the value series now a value seriesis basically your website okay usually a series of I would say three to fourvideos okay where you can add can add tons of valueto your prospect okay so basically what the value the value series does is it'sa series of three to four videos each of those videos is drip fed one day at atime so if so for example they will go let's just say you're driving someonefrom Facebook right then they come to your landing page and and you saysomething like hey if you want to create you know amazing videos then all youneed to do is click up you know put your email in here and below and I'll showyou the solution to do that okay and this is you know a product that helpedme you know to make 500 dollars a day and you know make sure you only makethat money claim if you actually did it okay if you didn't do it then don't saythat right you don't have to say that focus on your prospects pain points andthat's what will get them to opt-in so let's just say they opted in they putthe email address inside they see your value series and the first page isbasically video number one right now video number one it could be for exampleso video number one could be something where you give them a tip or trick onhow they can improve what you're actually trying to sell so let's justtry to say you're trying to sell videos own you can give them a free resourcefor example a free software where they can create or do something on theirvideos to add you know conversions to their to their business right so I'mjust winging this right now because I don't even use videos own but it'simportant that you're giving them a tip so you just need to give them one tipone good tip on whatever you're trying to sell okay or whatever topic you'retrying to sell so if it's making videos maybe it could be a tip on you know howto use PowerPoint in order to create very very good video sales presentationsokay all here is a free software that you can use instead of videos own if youwant to create some really really cool tips and you know cool a graphics inorder to convert your video very really well okayand then if you want to find out more information you can click on the linkbelow and then when they click on the link below it leads them directly to thejvzoo promo link which is basically your affiliate product ok so jvzoo link andwhen they buy it you get a commission you get a commission ok and this is howyou maximize conversions ok does that make sense right I hope you're gettingsome massive aha moments right now so why does this work this works becausewhat you're doing is you're basically putting yourself head and shoulders youknow a head and shoulders above all the competition out there right nobody isdoing this right and because nobody is willing to take the time to do this youare going to stand out in a sea of internet marketers globally who arebasically all doing the same thing and they're not adding any value to theirpotential prospects ok I hope that makes sense I can you seehow that would help you tremendously in your business and how this wouldmaximize conversions let me show you something ridiculous ok so you see thisone up here actually there's a I'm just going to add this year traffic tolanding page which is basically what everyone is doing ok so version numberone that you can see on the top line here right this is version number one okwhen people do this their conversion rate is really really low it's close toprobably about half a percent it's ridiculous right you do not want this atall I'm just going to highlight this in red so that you can see it right itconverts a half a percent so imagine that if you send a hundred people to seeyour landing page ok sorry your jvzoo promo link only half a person willactually end up buying which is just insane that it's just way way too littleright now if you do it this way the second way which I just showed you whereyou drive traffic to a landing page and then you add something called a valueseries where you give them you know different tips and tricks on how toactually get value from the product that you're trying to sell before you showthem the product right this if you do it properlyall right you can convert a 10 to 15 percent or more ok if you do this rightok and I'm not kidding here right now andthis is like this is incredible and why does this work because nobody is doingit and because by adding a value series what you're doing is you're building arelationship with your potential prospects and you're getting them toknow like and trust you and it's all about getting people to trust you and tolike you and to know you it's all that combined right so just coming back tothis really quickly before we finish off this video I want to show you how to getmore information but before I do that remember that this is only video 1 rightso if you want on the second day you can drip feed them using your email accountand you can give them video number 2 that shows them another good tip aboutyou know the the potential problem that they have and then if they want to findout more information click on the link below and then it leads them directly toyour jvzoo link on the product that you're trying to sell and that's whereyou learn everything right so and then again day number 3 you send them anotheremail because now you have the email address right which you got from thelanding page you send them another tip ok and every day that you send yourpotential prospect a tip you're building a relationship with them you'reconstantly building that relationship with them they're getting to know likeand trust you and then oh once they're ready ok they will buy from your linkand that is how you command and engineer high conversions like this 10 to 15percent versus a crappy half a percent or 1 percent which is basically whateverybody else on infinite land is getting and that's how you getfrustrated and that's how you fail ok I hope you enjoyed this jvzoo affiliate marketing tutorial and information todayas much as I enjoyed giving it to you alright good luck in your jvzooendeavors if you want to you know how to make money with jvzoo or find out more information if you want tospend a bit more time with me please subscribe to my channel you can see it'sright on the bottom red button there subscribe to my channel I always releaseinformation like this every single week to help you to do better in yourbusiness let me know what you thought of this training in the comments below andif you want to spend a bit more time with me you want to see what I'm doingif you want to see how I structure my value series okay how I structure mysales funnels click on the link below register for my online workshop I haveit all week or you can see what I'm doing right below this videook and I hope to speak to you very very soonand good luck take care.