hey I'm Jessie Galbraith, US Army veteranI'm here to teach you how to make money online fast I'm super excited today totalk to you about this and this way that you're gonna be able to do it becauseit's teaching you to different parts of an affiliate program that are gonna makeyou money and make you money month after month with the residual income so firstwhen it's partner with Anthony's second is that clicks on those affiliateyou will combine them both in the partner with Anthony but you can do theclick funnels separately to make it so that you're gonna be more successful alot faster than anyone else first off this is gonna teach you the biggesthurdle which is getting traffic it's gonna teach how to get traffic to youraffiliate programs Plus how to do Facebook compliant ones and get Facebookads that are actually gonna bring people into your funnels and make it so thatyou can make money being an expert in the click funnels first off you're gonnawant to do the hundred eight challenge of click funnels and watch theiraffiliate bootcamp it's only twelve videos and it's gonna be really quick togo through it's really really worth it the most awesome part about it is if youdo a hundred people you're gonna get $500 a month towards whatever vehicleyou want from Russell Brunson if you do 200 people in the hundred days thenyou're gonna be able to be you know straight-up ballin with whatever car youwant because you're gonna be able to have a thousand dollars a month for yourcar and then you can continually build from that the coolest part is that 100people you're gonna be getting 2k a month just from click funnels if you get200 people then you're gonna be getting 4 K a month from click funnels so you'regonna be able to make the 1k @ 5k a month in no time as long as you put youreffort in one of the best parts is that you know it's not a scam because clickfunnels has been paying people and paying people for a long time becausethey know that affiliate marketing is another really good way to get peopleout there secondly you think I can't do what people ages from 18 to 50 plus aremaking money with the partner with Anthony week after week getting peoplein and if they can do it that definitely means you can cuz you don't have to besuper tech savvy you get step-by-step program to teach you how to do it thatmakes it even cooler doing the affiliate bootcamp part it's gonna make you aclick funnels that expert which is gonna be able to be one of your biggest assetsbecause like how long is it gonna take less than 30 days if you devote one houra day maybe a little bit more to do either the click funnels or to do thepartner with Anthony and continually get your education goingwith it then you can start making money within the first two weeks cuz that'show long it takes to get your affiliate program set up but I'm super superexcited about it because I know that if I can start making money within my firsttwo weeks and you can too and then 30 or thirdly they fail you boot camp with ahundred day challenge there's this part about becoming a super affiliate thatonce you start doing it that you're just gonna start perpetually making more andas you become this clickfunnels expert you can do for businesses whetherthey're local if they're online businesses coaches because you'll knowhow to set up Facebook compliant funnels for businesses which you can make youknow five hundred to five thousand dollars in a monthly retainer dependingon how much experience you have so the beginning if you have five people you'remaking five hundred dollars on retainer setting up their click funnels accountyou do an extra two hundred dollars for the set up plus you sign them up underyour affiliate link so you're making the money off of their click funnels accountanyway then you're gonna be making a five hundred plus per person becauseyour click funnels expert and click funnels is a lot better than a websitebecause you don't have to be a programmer to do it you can become anexpert with it within a few months of doing it and all you have to do at thebeginning is know a little bit more than the other people so if you already havefunnels that are converting because you're getting traffic to it even ifyour conversions are lower than most at the beginning and then you slowly getbetter you're gonna have something that other people don't because most onlinewebsites they're not built to actually convert they're built to be an onlineresume or online business card and nothing more so if you can make funnelsfrom people and be successful with it then all it takes is just a little bitof time you get one person here one person there and then eventually betweenyour affiliate program and then being an expert in having your monthly retainersyou're making over $5,000 a month just because of your expertise so that's whatmakes me super excited plus doing the hundred day challenge and getting yourcar who doesn't want to drive around in like a twenty eighteen Subaru STi aLambo whatever the sky's the limit really for you so that's what I have totell you about and super excited about that man down below there's a 14-dayfree trial for two click funnels and then below that is also the partner withAnthony click on the links get started and start makewithin the first 30 days.