Rob's World Hey everyone, and welcomeback I hope you all had a great holiday season and you're enjoying the new yearin 2019.

The comments on the last video The Origami Mini Boomerang were greatand thank you guys so much for the support over all these years.

I've been on YouTube now for over 10 years and it really means a lot to me.

Today I'd liketo show you my own version of the Origami Mini Fireworks which is basedoff the Infinity Kaleidoscope tutorial that I did, except it's made from onepiece of paper so it's a lot better than making all those modules and puttingthem together.

Once you have a paper you're ready to go and if you do enjoythe video at the end don't forget to like it down below and also comment andsubscribe to shows some support! The size of the mini infinity firework depends on the paper you use.

If you want a larger one you can use 11 by 17 inch paper oryou can also use eight-and-a-half by 14 legal sizedto get a mid sized one however if you want a cool mini hand size one you canuse eight-and-a-half by 11 letter sized paper like this one.

I prefer to use thecolor paper because it's slightly sturdier than white and I find it worksbetter so that's what I'm going to use We're going to first turn the8.

5" by 11" into a 1-to-4 proportion paper, make all the precreases and finally once we get this accordion thing, we can then take the twoends and we can join them together just like this in order to get the miniinfinity firework.

To get a 1:4 proportion paper like this we need tofirst divide the paper into four sections.

Now, I've already pre-creasedthis one but to do it we first fold the paper in half by taking the left sideand folding it to the right side and then rotate it so the open edges are ontop.

Take the top edge fold it down and then flip it over and do the same.

Creaseit sharply and when you open it'll look like an M from the side.

Airplane foldboth corners in just like this and at this point if you want to take a rulerand draw a line at the base of the corner triangles and cut it you can butI prefer to flip it over like this fold the top edge down until the edge is inline with the triangles, and then make a nice sharp crease on the top there andthen you could tear it Now you have a 1 to 4 proportionpaper.

The next step is going to be to split it into 8 sections just like thisI'm going to draw on the center just so you could see it a little bit easierbecause it does become important.

To split it into 8 sections we're going totake this line here in between these two right boxes and we're going to justpinch it like this and we're going to bring it directlyinto the middle line just like that and what that does is it splits this box inhalf so let's go ahead and do that.

Just pinch it bring it into the middle righton top of that line I drew and then you're going to press in the middle ofthis right box here.

So just press right down here.

Then we can take the outsideedge and also fold it directly into the middle.

Once it's there then once againmake a crease do the same with the left side So just pinch the left sidebring it into the center also and then crease it on the left box and then foldthe left edge into the center and crease both sides sharply.

When you open ityou'll see we've now split the paper into eight sections and I'm just goingto draw on them so you can see them a little easier because they becomeimportant when we make the diagonal folds Now that we split the paper intoeight sections it's important that I emphasize that all of the vertical foldsmust be Mountain folds meaning we're going to fold downwards on each of thesefolds so let's go ahead and do that now So let's just fold downwards on all ofthem and crease across.

I've also marked the center line as darker so that it'seasier to distinguish and what we're going to do is to turn this intosomething that looks like this.

It has eight sections and each section has twoX's on top of each other.

To do that we're going to start with the diagonalfolds going this direction and then we're going to go in this direction.

We're going to first take the corner here and we're going to take this topedge and fold the corner into this first line just like this.

Once it's lined upthen you can make a crease on the outside, then we're going to go to thesecond line in so this one has already been made so all you need to do is tofold it down and just reinforce it by sharpening it then we're going to go tothe third one just go right there line and make sure that this line on thebottom also corresponds with the bottom as well so that everything is lined up.

Make a nice sharp crease and then finally go in directly to the centerline here.

Once it's lined up again make a crease.

Now we could flip it over justlike this and we're going to do the same with the upper right so just like beforego to the first line the second line the third line and then finally the center.

When you open it up you'll see that we did all of them except one from hereto here.

What you do is you just take it fold it down to the center and thenjust shift this edge over to the next line to the left of the center.

So justshift it over and crease like before.

Now we finished all of the diagonallines going this way and I'm just going to draw on them so you could see it alittle bit easier.

Now we're going to do the same going the other way so we'regoing to take the upper left corner and fold it in to the first line also justlike this make a nice sharp crease and it's basically the same thing.

We'regoing to fold it all the way to the middle just like before so just likebefore just go to the second, one the third one, and then the middle.

Youflip it over do the same thing bring the upper left down to each line and thenfinally when you get to the middle just open one up and then shift it over giveit a nice crease and now we finished all of the diagonal creases and I'm justgoing to draw on the remaining ones again so you could see them easier.

Soyou should have a paper that looks just like this.

Alright guys so we're almostdone we just need to divide the eight sections into 16 sections vertically andthen we can create something like this and join it together.

You already knowwhat to do you just basically bring these edges into the center until wehave split everything into 16 sections so let's go ahead and do that just pinchit here and bring it into the center and then make a crease right along here andjust keep on bringing the edges into the center just like that so just keepbringing those Mountain folds into the center until you have split everythinginto 16 sections and each of those X's has a vertical line through it and thenwe can reinforce the creases by just going over the outside and do the samewith other side.

Now we can open it and you'llsee we've divided everything into 16 sections.

Now this is very important–Weneed to make sure that all of these vertical folds are Mountain folds so I'mgoing to hold it like this and I'm just going to fold downwards or backwardslike this so that all of the folds are folded downwards so just like beforewe're going to crease downwards on all of those vertical lines and making surethat they're all nice sharp mountain folds just continue throughout the restof the paper now that we've done that I'm just going to reinforce that all ofthe diagonal folds are valley folds so just take it and then just push it andthen go through all of the folds this is very important it makes it 10 timeseasier trust me so I'm just taking the paper and just going back over those Xfolds or diagonal Valley folds we made.

Now that we finished all the pre creaseswe can make it into this and then finish up by joining the ends.

Alright,everyone once you've reinforced all of these vertical fold mountain creases sothey're folded downwards sharply so that they look like an upside-down V andyou've gone through that throughout the whole paper and you've also done all ofthese diagonal fold Valley creases so that they look like a V then you shouldnotice that the paper sort of takes shape you'll notice that there is acenter row of diamonds and each of the diamonds should have a mountain fold init now if any part of the paper is protruding or sticking up like this atthe mountain fold you're gonna push inwards on it so just push on eitherside of these diamonds throughout the whole paper and that will pop anythingthat's sticking up down so that each of these little diamonds in the center rowhas a mountain fold you'll also notice that there are two outer rows ofdiamonds around the center row and on top you should notice that we have theseupside-down triangles and they're all inside reverse fold it so that it lookslike a zigzag all the way across the paper on both ends now if you turn itupside down remember this is going to be the inside the side that we drew on ifyou turn it upside down you can more easily see thatthere is a center row here and on either side there are those two diamond rowswhat we're going to do is we're just going to take the two diamonds that areon top and touching each other we're just going to bring them and pinch themtogether like this so just go through the paper and just take the tips andjust pinch them together like that and you'll notice it'll kind of collapsethings in the middle as well the center diamond so just pinch it all the waythroughout the paper so your paper should look a little bit more like thisnow when you flip it back to the inside you should have all Mountain folds onthese Center diamonds and you could see that really easy if you hold it likethis you could see all these little Mountain folds that are sticking up herewhat we're going to do is we're going to start with the end here and I'm justgoing to grab it and this point on the end is going to be brought down soyou're gonna basically take this first diamond and squish it together like thiswhat you're going to do is take your pointer fingers and push on top of theseinside reverse folds these upside down diamonds and you're going to put yourmiddle finger behind the triangle here on top and you're going to squish itdown together then you're just going to move forward this way so you're going topush on these inside reverse-fold these upside down triangles and push themtogether so just take them push them together move your middle finger behindthe triangle right here and right here and then bring it to your thumb so justsquish it then just keep doing that push these two together and squish it pushand then pull on the back of this triangle here this inside reverse foldlike this and just keep doing that so just push and pull push and squish pushand squish and then for the end it's the same thing you're just gonna push thesetwo together and you'll see that these little tips these tips will go togetherand these edges will meet and then you could just flatten everything out justlike that and that's basically how to collapse it so it should look just likethis once you've finished you'll see on the bottom you have eight diamonds andyou'll see on top that all of these insideverse folds our zigzagged now they should be tucked in if you havesomething like this where it's kind of tucked out just like thatthen all you need to do is to open it and you just need to tuck it in likethis and then flatten it out and you're ready to move on once your paper lookslike mine with eight of these triangles on the top eight on the bottom as wellas the eight diamonds like this we're going to interlock the two ends byoverlapping these left two triangles with the right two triangles just tohelp you visualize that I've marked the top of the two triangles on the rightand I've also marked the two triangles on the left along with the inside hereas you'll notice on the left side of this diamond I drew an X and all the wayon this point on the end here I've also drawn a half of an X because these arethe points that are going to be overlapped to do that I'm going to takethe left side first triangle here on the top and I'm going to pinch it between mythumb and pointer I'm going to do the same with the right side just like thisnow I'm going to bring the left side and the right side together and remember theleft side is going to get tucked in to the right side okay so what I'm going todo is to take the right triangle and put it right behind the left triangle justlike this and as you'll see I also drew an arrow on the corner because that'sgoing to be tucked in right there once you overlap those two triangles then youcould hold it together with your left pointer and left thumb and we're alsogoing to take this top triangle here and tuck it under this one to do that weneed to get this end point on to the area where the X is so what I do is Ikind of lift it up like this and then I shift it with my middle finger like thatso make sure that that point is over and into that X area see as you'll see itdoesn't want to go there so I lift it up and then I grab the point here and Ishift it until it's underneath this X okay so you need to work with that it'sgonna be a little bit of a puzzle but you'll eventually figure it out if youmark the end triangles like that it should look just like this once you getit in once they're tucked in I'm going to pinch them together like this andalso pinch the top and there you go your mini infinity firework is completed andyou just need to spin it to do that it's basically going to take your thumbs andpull we're at the same time talking from theback and pushing upward just like that thank you so much for watching the videoI hope you liked it and I am looking forward to and I'm really excited aboutmaking some new stuff this year I'd like to switch it up and bring some new freshcontent to my channel that's fun educational entertaining and that youguys will enjoy there's so many things that I like crafts cooking chess poolpoker paper juggling puzzles riddles movies anime just to name a few so ifyou have any suggestions please be sure to let me know down below and be sure tostick around and hit that notification bell looking forward to the rest of 2019and I hope you have a purrfect day.