This is Kelley and I’m here to show you how to do a left twist and left twists look beautiful when they’re used with cables they accent cables beautifully and it’s very simple to execute so let me show you how to do this when we’re looking at our sample right here these stitches right here are examples of left twists mirror image and then right here this sample is a regular left twist so let me show you how this is done I’m going to back up one stitch here alright so now we’re going to well I’m gonna do it over these two stitches and I’m gonna knit into the second stitch in the back loop here there’s the second stitch then I’m gonna bring without taking anything off your left hand needle I’m gonna bring my needles around to the front and knit into that first stitch now I’m going to remove those off my needle and that is how you do a regular left twist.