being in this video I'm going to showyou how to integrate Aweber with click funnels and all the way from from addingin the integration so we're just gonna go to the top right hand corner and weare going to go to integrations and you're going to add integration and finda weber which is right there we're going to give it a name and justconnect integration you should probably either be logged inthat you overlook but you'll just be able to fight and make sure you havethat your logo your login name not logo login name and password and allow accessand that's it that is how you integrate a lever to your account then when you gointo a funnel it's very simple to add a weber to any of your your pages so i amactually working on making my membership site the bomb so i'm going to go into myopt-in page and I'm gonna click Edit and this can be for any list obviously youwant to make go back in any order and create a list if you don't know how todo that I can show you in another video but this video is just as simple asintegrating a weber to click photo so in the settings section here go tointegrations and every final you go into you a lot of settings integration andconnect your your list that you created in Aweber same gonna click hey you everand for this one I'm going to click in a great existing form and I should havealready connected a list and scroll down will created a list in a loverdid I can't remember if not using this I would just you know make a listen awe're going to come back actually I can't remove what list maybeI'll just put example list for now I might have to make a new list if forsome reason your list isn't showing up you can always click refresh from APII'll go back but I want to have a lot of disease the example is for now and thenI always just click all over to the left side or anywhere on the side I make sureto save it and that's it that's that's what you how to integrate your Aweber toclickfunnels I will just actually quickly go in it you ever and show youhow to make a list I do have other bonus videos to show you how to use Aweber butAweber is very user friendly when you go in there you can create a list go tomanage your lists and create a list and walk that'll walk you through the entiresystem entering your company name your website I have a lot of this stuffalready I'm already inputted and you go to thenext step you know name your list so maybe I'll name this list right now you can put a description of what theyopted in for and your approval a message confirmation message today I actuallyusually turn this off but this is the double opt-in that most I guess I thinkother countries and the Canada maybe I'm not sure you have to check with yourcountry I can't remember which what countries have it but if they get thatconfirmation and just click approve that's it that's how you make a list youcan go to messages and make sure you create follow-up series so that oh thatwhat at the minute they opt-in they get a specific email saying welcome to thewelcome to the club welcome to you know giving them whatever their they werepromised in that opt-in and you can it's as simple as just dragging and droppingand and writing your text message or your sorry your email message it's solight here mm-hmm so I just wanted to quickly just quickly do a quick a weberoverview but that is how you connect a over to your clickfunnels account and ifyou need more support on any Weber I do have a bonus for you if you haven'tgotten your own copy yet everyone where you can get a 30-day free trial and getall of my trainings and recordings on and support for all over you don't needthe Edison suite if you decide clickfunnels edison suite which is the297 version if you decide that you want to keep the $97 version you need to havean a weber you need to have some kind of autoresponder but if you can affordthe 297 edison suite at you know action etics is the email is the equivalent toan email autoresponder and you get all of all of that and a lot more with theedison with action etics and backpack and tracking affiliates and in in beingable to get more information from your subscribers there's a lot more thingsthat you can do with the Edison suite you get like everything so just wantedto mention that if you were confused why I refer a lever is because if you arelow to medium sized user you don't need the Addison suite you can just stick tothe basics the basic $97 a month product and you do need to have a weber or anyother autoresponder clickfunnels does integrate with a lot of different emailautoresponder so a weber is my choice of for my highly recommended choice as wellas convertkit but i just i really love a opera at the end of the day I've tried afew and gone back to a lever so as you can see there's activecampaigndrip convertkit some other in it and a lot of other things that make clickfunnels integrates with but it really is your one-stop solution if you decide toinvest in the entire suite of click funnels it's a very good investmentalright thanks for watching this video we'll see you on the next one.