Hi, I'm Lauren and this is Marley.

And today I'm going to show you how to inject yourself with insulin Before you do anything you have to getyour stuff ready.

First of all, you need an insulin pen.

A disposable one alreadyhas the insulin in there for you but a reusable one you have to put in thecartridge yourself.

Next is your needle the needle is super small and it doesn't gothrough any muscle or vein that means it hurts a lot less.

Next is your sharps bin.

A sharps bin just gets rid of the needle safely, and so does a needleclipper, but while I'm at home I use my sharps bin, and I use my needle clipperwhile I'm somewhere else.

Make sure you have everything before you get started.

Once your injection kit looks like mine you should be ready to go.

First thing you need to do now is make sure your hands are washed properly andyou need to make sure they're dry properly as well.

Then you're ready to go.

Now you choose where you're going to inject.

You can inject in your stomach,your thigh or your bottom.

You have to make sure that you go from onecentimetre away from where you did it last time or you may build up hard lumps whichstops insulin going through to your body The next part is priming your pen.

Thatmeans you get rid of the air inside your needle.

First, you put the needle ontoyour pen.

Take off both caps and put them somewhere where you can find them again.

Dial up the unit to 2 units and squirt it up into the air and let theinsulin come through Now you've primed your pen and you'reready to go You are now almost ready to inject youalready know that it does feel a bit strange, and your parents have probablydone it already for you.

It does feel a bit odd at first but you'll get used toit.

Now you've got rid of the airinside your pen you can dial up to whatever unit you are about to take.

I'mabout to take one unit.

Then make sure where you're injecting is clean and dry.

I'mgoing in my stomach.

You pinch it very carefully so you don't hurt the skin.

Now,you go through and put in the needle.

Now, you push down the plunger and count to 10.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 8,9,10.

Now you remove theneedle very carefully.

The last thing now to do is to get ridof your needle safely.

You can use your sharps bin or your needle clipper.

I'mgoing to use my sharps bin.

Once your sharps bin is full, your healthcare team willtell you how to get rid of your sharps bin safely.

That's it.

It may feelstrange at first, but the more often you do it, it becomes more normal, and somedays,if you don't want to do it, you can just ask a parent or carer to help you.

It's ultimately about working together as a team, and managing your diabetes as best you can.

just remember: check your kit, wash anddry, choose a spot, prime your pen, inject your insulin,count to ten and clean up.