There's a number of ways which you canimprove your credit score some of which can happen over time and some of which can happen quite quickly.

So here's a few tips on how to do that.

Make sure your register on the electoral roll.

This can help improve your score and it also helps lenders identify you when you do apply for credit.

Try and keep the balance on each credit card below 30% if you can.

The general rule is, the lower the balance the better.

Make sure you don't miss any payments on your account.

If you're worried about this, set up direct debits – so you don't run the risk of missing any payments.

Don't apply for too many credit accounts.

Applying for more than two in a three month period can reduce your credit score.

Opening new accounts can also reduce your score for up to six months.

So try especially not to do this if you are making an important application within the next six months.

Other than a mortgage, try and reduce your overall debt to lower than £15,000.

The general rule is, the lower the better.