how to grow your business online or forfree if you're looking for ways to grow your online business for free then thisis the video for you my name is Stacia Kennedy welcome to the channel if you'renew here make sure to LIKE and subscribe and comment below that you're new hereto the tribe I love creating videos on how to grow your online business how togenerate more leads in sales and how you can do this by creating systems in yourbusiness so that you can do the things that you love and hang out with thepeople you love as well too so thanks for watching thanks for being here inthis video let's talk about how to grow your online business for free andorganically because that's exactly what I love to do if you haven't seen myother video about how to create a stable online business that is a must so watchthat video as well after you watch this video recently a friend of mine hadasked me a question and was concerned about the rules and regulations that aaffiliate program that I also am an affiliate for had changed the rules onthe keywords that you can bid on on their name and you know to be honestthat's kind of a regular thing that most companies do is make it so that youcan't bid on their keyword their own name so with those changes a lot ofpeople who were spending a lot of money on ads have to be adaptable you need tomake sure that you're adaptable in the changes and that's why I like growing mybusiness through influencing and creating you know basically doing it forfree I create relationships online here now to the point deep relationships thatI have friends that actually call me or message me and say where is your linkfor this where is your link for that I want to buy from you so if you want tocreate an online business a stable online business I highly recommendmenu branding yourself as the influencer in your niche so it's important to builda niche where you position yourself as the expert in that industry so for thoseof you who watch my videos because of real estate this is exactly what I teachyou guys you need to create influence in your local market as the go-to expertsso no matter what if you're an online marketer or if you're a real estateagent or if you are an affiliate marketer you need to pick a niche or youwant to be the go-to person and so when it comes to you know buying a house inyour area or if it when it comes to chatbotsor when it comes to building funnels who are you the expert like what do you wantto be known for and when you're able to build that that that brand for yourselfyou're going to be able to grow organically and by word of mouth andthat is what makes your online business stable is when you're able to createvideos like this or create assets online on your website on your blog that's notgoing to be taken away if you're able to create those relationships through youremail marketing through your chatbot marketing you're creating lists indifferent platforms and not putting all your eggs in just paid ads that's howyou're going to grow organically okay so make sure that you're providing massivemassive value I just did a live stream on my Facebook page where I talked aboutmy four part system the four part system has always been see the people make surethat you're posting every single day this might be like daunting but itdoesn't have to be long it could be five minutes it could be a minute it could bepost something of value whether it's a picture a video something where you'reable to see the people people you need to be in front of the people if theydon't see you how are you expecting to get paid right see the people tell yourstory in this content you need to tell a story because facts tell but storiessell so see the people tell your story build for an event invite them to takethe next step invite them to book a call with youinvite them to grab that freebie offer and if you haven't seen my influenceraffiliate marketing mini course then make sure to look in the descriptionbelow so you can grab that so there you go I'm telling you what you can do I'masking you and I'm inviting you to the next step see these people tell yourstory build four events and then follow up you need to have an emailautoresponder you know that is not free but you know you do I mean you can doMailChimp but like dudes like yeah if you you get what you pay for so if youare nothing wrong with MailChimp I actually know several six-figure incomeearners but they do probably have a paid version by now because they have such ahuge list but if you're just getting started out okay you can start off usingMailChimp but just know that if you don't want to scale if you want to builda real business you're going to have to pay a little money and it's very lowcost I use Aweber which is 20 bucks a month and as your list grows you youknow you pay a little bit more but hopefully at that point you're actuallyusing that list to make money right so actually and that's why I love affiliatemarketing you can begin become an affiliate marketer for Aweber you cancome an affiliate marketer for a lot of the tools that I showed you how to useand if you're wondering what all those tools are my top seven high convertingoffers the link will be in the description as well to all of my toolsare being paid for because of affiliate marketing that is why I love affiliatemarketing and I love these tools I'm literally obsessed about teaching peoplehow to use them to grow their online business and you can do the same thingtoo you can pick a niche you can create an offer get in front of theright people I talk all about this in my mini course so don't forget to grab thatinfluencer affiliate marketing mini course in the description below that'sall I have for you guys just remember today see the people tell your storybuild for events and follow up that is my four-part system it's very simpleand you will learn all of that and how to put that together in my little minicourse which is not so many because I think it's awesome thanks for watchingthis video much love and aloha and if you have anyquestions you know where to find me and we'll see you on the next videomuch love and aloha.