what look at this event we're gettinginto the event right now I need everyone to spam hype it is 11 o'clock okay sotoday we're going to be talking about somebody who I can guarantee will seethis video before we get into this if you're not subscribe to the channelplease do that because I want to get a hundred thousand subscribers this yearit may seem that I'm really far away from that but you never know a videocould blow up or as this guy we were going to talk about today he blew upovernight basically so anything can happen and I want to get this by summerlike the summer holidays so if you can help me out that would be amazingnow at a start I said I can guarantee that the person we're making a video onwill see this video now if you didn't know a while back I did a stream withits 4G and JT in there a person called run down for tonight joined the livestream and apparently he is a hater of JT or something like that so then when Imade the highlights of that live stream I called him JT haterlet me 1v1 JT and if I lost I'll delete channel okay right rundown fault and Iwant someone v1u oh for God's sake but one of you wonder do idea form much inthe video I won't be one for each ACM and this happenedlooking like heavy is generally now obviously come on yes don't gloatit's only true at that point heels on around 18,000 subscribers nothing muchpretty big it like compared to me anyway but he wasn't insanely massive andrecently everybody's been talking about him you may be wondering why you mighthave seen Nick or I talked for tonight talk about himso yeah this guy follows my channel he's commented on a few of my videos and he'sprobably gonna see this and realize it's about him I just don't understand whyhe's done what he's done now it makes it sound worse than it is I get it he's aclick beta and that's why his whole channels based on and he's just managedto get the right thing to click fate to blow up but I mean it's kind of ascumbag II thing to do imagine people like me JT is for GMO people like thatwe work hard in our videos we don't click bait them cuz we want people toknow the exact thing that's happening in the video whatever and some scumbag canjust come along make a 24/7 livestream basically or this guy makes two-hourlive streams I could do that make a click Beatty thumbnail and spam thetitle with a bunch of keywords so it appears at the top of search and thensay to people every like five seconds to like the video because you're one likeaway one like away from what may you've said one like away for the whole livestream but you're not giving them any target or whatever you've just said thatyou're one like away or so he says that he will give you moderator if you spam Fin chat or some some rubbish like that and obviously he won't now somebody whofollows me I can't remember who it was said that he was modded by rundown so hewas managed by rundown and then got unmodeled forbasically saying everyone to subscribe to it which i think's funny becauserundown doesn't deserve subscribers so you might as well try and use him asmuch as you can anyway yeah so rundown basically blurfrom doing a fortnight loot Lake event livestream and he did these about fivetimes his first one well he got 46 thousand views which is pretty insanefor his channel and then he slowly got more and more until he got one with 1.

1million views now you may see me talk about ghostinjured people like that but they're already established so they're bound toget viewers and things this guy wasn't really that established so when hemanaged to get this amount of views whether he was asking for subscribersconstantly and literally went up from 18k to 200k in a week which is a lotmore subscribers than people ever get in their lifetime it's just insane and alsoback that this guy just makes you like comment in the chatleave a like etc just so he can rank higher on searches and things and hesays they'll give you moderator but in fact he probably wouldn't now if youwatch and run down then I just want to say either stop doing what you're doingwith the clickbait try make some legit content or just fix your channel pleasebecause I know you want views and things and you're getting a lot of money fromthis because some people seem to donate hundreds of pounds to you but justplease go to a legit content or something try and earn the subscribersyou got because you didn't earn anything you made a two-hour live stream whichliterally anybody could do it's talentless now if you did enjoy thisvideo make sure you like as I said let's start the video please subscribe someoneto get 100k by summer may seem like a lot off but you never know and miss youleave a comment about write down anyway I'll see you next one thank you andgoodbye.