if you have a low credit score and it'sstopping you from getting the loan you need then here are my top three tips onhow to fix your credit fast my number one top tip is to get a copy of yourcredit report as quickly as possible the faster you get your report thefaster you're going to know what's wrong that's on there that you need to fix ifyou're unsure on how to get a copy of your credit report you can contact ourteam today or one of our consultants will help you through this be mindful ofsome of the free credit scoring websites online as some of these websites aren'tactually generating a true copy of your credit report in fact some of them cando more damage than good by placing inquiries on your actual report so onceyou have a copy of your credit report my number two top tip on how to fix yourcredit fast is to have the contents reviewed as quickly as possible nowobviously if you've never seen a credit report before the contents containedwithin the reports can be quite confusing and you could get quitefrustrated maybe even spend hours trying to understand your credit report ratherthan this my best suggestion is to use a credit repair company that offers freereviews on credit reports after all this is what they're looking at every day ofthe week and possibly in as little as 10 minutes you'll understand what's wrongwith your credit which will enable you to fix your credit fast but by far thesingle most important factor to consider when looking to fix your credit fast andyou possibly need the help of a credit repair company is to research existingreviews from actual clients now not to say that website testimonials aren'tgreat but they can be written by anyone not that I'm saying that none of theseare genuine but at the end of the day what you really need is honestindependent verifiable advice and you can get this from review sites such asGoogle Yelp and Yellow Pages let's face it no company is going to write anegative testimonial on their website but with Google you can be assured thatyour reading honest reviews from real clients so those are my top three tipswhen it comes to fixing your credit fast if you'd like more information on how tofix your credit click the link below I willsend you out a free copy of our credit repair ebook today thanks so much forwatching and don't forget to hit the subscribe button before you leave hiit's Victoria Costa here founder and CEO of credit fix solutions if you'd likemore information regarding our company or our credit repair services please goto our website at www.