Choosing the right category for yourbook is very important choose the right one and it's the difference betweenbeing a best seller and not the problem is the research it takes to find theright category can be a little problematic Amazon doesn't give us alist of all the categories out there so instead we have to go into Amazon typein a description find books that are like ours and then look at whatcategories they're ranking for but that's not allafter that you then need to go into that category and find the number onebest-selling book in that category and what they're Amazon bestseller rank isand will record that then we want to do that to the number 20 book for that samecategory that way we know what we need to do in order to be in the top 20 or bethe number one book once you have those two numbers you can go to the Kindlepreneur Kindle calculator put it in there and the calculator will returnthat Amazon bestseller rank into the number of books sold that day using thisnumber you now know how many books you would need to sell in one day to be thenumber one bestseller or in the top 20 but here's the thing that's not allyou'll probably have to do this over and over and over again in order to find acategory that gives you an opportunity to be a best-seller this could takehours more so is that tomorrow is a new day and when you go back those numberscould be different what used to be a very niche category now is a super hardone and vice versa so if you want to stay on top you'll have to do this againand again no worries because KDP Rocket gots you covered we have a new featurecalled a category hunter this feature will allow you to quickly pull all thatdata with just a simple click of a button all you have to do is go into thecategory hunter type in the description of your book and tell them go get emrocket rocket will then pull all the information we just talked about andjust with a click of a button you can arrange the categories from easiest tobe bestseller to the hardest now these look like some pretty competitiveluckily we can do another search in this case I'm gonna do space warsHey look at that just found a category where all I need to do is sell twelvebooks in one day and I'll be the number one bestseller or 24 finding abest-selling category has never been easierall with a simple click of a button KDP Rocket.