– Hello, and welcomeback to another video.

A few weeks ago I discussedthe ways that I find niches.

And today, I'm gonna go behind the screen and show you one of those ways and exactly how I do it.

So today, I'm gonna showyou exactly what I mean when I say use Amazon for your research.

So go to a normal Amazonpage, go to just all, do not change this dropdown, and type in somethingyou're interested in.

In this case, I'm gonna doblank journals createspace, and my main goal is just to scroll down and see what's publishedand what's doing well.

I use the DS Amazon Quick View extension to see the ranks easier.

And the first thing I notice is this blank comic book for kids, ranked about 2,800 in the paid store.

And that is really good.

And another thing that's doing pretty good is this recipe journal witha parody on it, about 80,000.

And I don't really see anything else.

Oh, here's another comic book.

Here's another comic book.

And here's another one.

And another one.

So five comic books onthe first two pages.

So there's really nothing,oop, another comic book.

There's really nothingelse that stands out.

So I looked through the first three pages.

So just either write those down, keep some mental note,or start another document on your computer for this information.

And then the next thing I do, I go to a private or incognitomode window for Amazon.

The reason I search here is so there's no personal bias attached to it.

And for this one, we'regoing to be creative.

This is gonna give us some niche ideas to know what things we want to produce.

So, in this case, I'mgonna just type in journal and see what there is.

There's journals to write in for women, journals to write in, journals for men, journaling bible, journal for women.

These are all things that Amazon customers are searching for and want.

So my thought processis use this information for either, A, a niche, andcreate a journal around that, or B, use this for keywords, or both.

If you have any questions or comments, make sure to leave it inthe description below.

Till next time, we'll talk soon.