Hi and welcome to this short video fromthe Coffee Break Academy.

My name is Mark and I'm here today to help you downloadthe premium materials of Coffee Break courses to your iPad and store themso that you can use them offline.

Now this applies to iPads but it's the sameprocess also for iPhones so if you've got an iPhone and you're trying todownload the materials then you can use the same process, just a slightlydifferent interface, but hopefully all of this will make perfect sense.

OK, now I have got my iPad here so hopefully you'll be able to see what I can see onthe screen.

Let's get started.

Now if we were to access the materials throughSafari on our iPad then we wouldn't necessarily be able to download thevideo and the audio materials.

For example, if I go into Coffee BreakSpanish here and I go to this lesson one video, I can play the video on the screenor I can download it, but if I tap and hold the download button then I can openit in a new tab, open in split view but there's no way of actually saving thisvideo to my iPad as it stands at the moment.

So for this reason we have to usea third-party app and the app that we recommend at the moment is Documents.

It's an app that provides a browser just like Safari but it introduces anadditional functionality, the ability to store the documents that you want todownload in a documents area of the Documents app.

All will become clear whenwe have a look at this.

To begin with, let's download documents or go to searchfor Documents in the App Store.

Here we are: it's Documents by Readdle and I'm goingto tap here to download the Documents app.

So Documents starts downloading andwe can now open the app so when we open Documents, when Documents opens upwe've got some sample files on here: we've got a sample PDF, some quotes,pictures and so on.

We don't really need to bother with any of that, in fact whatI'm going to do to start with is tap Select up here and I am just going toselect these files by tapping on them and then I'm going to delete by tappingon this button here and those files are deleted.

So that's a cleaner area to seenow I can see what I'm doing here.

Now this is the documents area where wewill eventually store our Coffee Break Spanish files but the Documents app alsohas a browser just like the Safari browser that you're used to using onyour iPad.

So if I tap on Browser here then you'll see that I can add in herean address so I'm going to go to coffeebreakacademy.

Com and hit return.

Now, obviously I'm not logged in here because this is a it's a new browser I wouldhave to log into my account on the Coffee Break Academy, so I'm going to dothat I'll just get rid of this here by tapping this little X and tap onlogin and then I'll enter my details here so talk amongst yourselves! OK, so I'm going to enter those details and we are now logged in to the CoffeeBreak Academy.

Now this is a browser within the documents app it's reallyimportant that that makes sense.

We can tap the three lines up at the top hereand we can jump back to documents and back to browser; we can toggle betweenthe two.

So we're in browser I'll just type the three lines so that we can seethe browser full screen and what we're going to do is look at one of thecourses so let's go back to Coffee Break Spanish season one here and we'll goback to that video episode that we looked at a few moments ago and now whathappens is when we tap and hold on the download link then you've got a menuthat invites you to download this link, so just to be clear here, if youremember what we did in Safari when we tapped and held on the download link inSafari we get those options.

However when we're in Documents when we tap and holdon "download" we've got "download link", "copy link" "open link in new tab" so what we'regoing to do with this is download that link.

So if I tap on "download link" Documents will ask me where I would like to save this file.

So this file iscalled CBS 101 video and it's asking me do I want to save it to Documents>Downloads.

I'll just leave it there for now so I'm going to click doneand that you can now see – Documents is asking us if it wants to send usnotifications.

I'll allow that so that when we're downloading larger files and I'mdoing something else in my iPad I'll get a notification to say that that file isnow downloaded.

Now you can see right up at the top right of the screen a progressindicator showing that that file is now downloading and we can actually see it's now turned to a number 1 and if we tap on that we can see the list of downloadsthere.

So we've got CBS 101 video now downloaded.

Now where is that? Well onour Documents app we've got the browser and the documents area so once againwe're going to tap on these three lines and move to the Documents area and youcan see we've got a Downloads folder so if I tap on the Downloads folder wenow have the CBS 101 video that we can tap on and it will play.

and we can stop that.

So I'll just come out of that so it's on our iPad – we don't need to be connectedto the Internet now to access that file.

Let's do the same with the other filesassociated with lesson one of Coffee Break Spanish, so we're going to go backto the browser and you'll notice when the browser, whenyou're activating the menu here, the browser's kind of "greyed out".

If we tap inthe browser now it becomes accessible we can see it now, so if we go to the audiofile for less particular lesson, once again, tap and hold on Download, we get"download link" and it asks us again where we want to save that file.

We can chooseDone and it goes up to the Downloads icon in the top right and you can seethe progress indicator there.

Let's move on and get the bonus audio – Download – same process, tapping and holding, download link, save the fileand it goes up to our downloads area.

One more file here is the lesson notes, nowthis is a little different just watch this one because if you scroll throughthe document, you'll notice that the page itself isn't moving up but the documentis moving up so as I put my finger on the iPad screen and move the document upit's just the document that's moving up and I can see thedifferent parts or the different pages of that document.

However if I put myfinger on the side of the screen and move it up you'll now see that you'll seethe download link underneath, So again it's exactly the same process: tappingand holding here and download link.

OK, so that's been downloaded now.

Now there's one thing I'd like to point out here and that is where some users have got a little bit mixed up with this process.

Some listeners have been tappingand holding on the links in the menu so if I tap and hold in the link in themenu, what that's doing is downloading a link so if I tap"download link" then it's asking me what is this? What kind of file is it? Is it anHTML file? Is it a PDF? It's not the correct place we don't even want to do that: weneed to actually be in the item and when we tap on the item in the menu itappears on the right-hand side of the screen and then we're tapping thisdownload link here and that's the one we need to download.

So don't be confusedand use the menu here to download the links, we need to actually open upindividual ones here and access them in the right-hand side of the screen andthen tap and hold the link to download that link there.

I hope that makes sense.

OK, let's just go and check if our three files are now in the documents.

There we have the CBS 101 extra, CBS 101 notes, CBS 101 audio and we can open anyof these and play them on our iPad.

So if we just go to the notes here, so we can see our notes there full screen; back to downloads and of course we could playthe audio or the video files from documents here, and again we don't needto be connected to the Internet in order to do this.

So that's how you downloadindividual files from the Coffee Break Academy to your iPad using the Documentsapp.

The crucial thing to remember is it's tap and hold on the file link thedownload link and then choose "download link" and save it to your iPad Documentsarea.

OK, there is another way of doing this andthis is a shortcut if you like and to do this I'd like to come back to thebrowser and we're going to go to the Orientation part of the course where"downloading lessons in bulk to your computer or device" is one of the the units here.

So this is using a type of file called azip file and a zip file basically takes lots of documents, whether thoseare video documents, audio documents, the lesson notes and so on and it zips themall into one folder and it allows you to download that folder all together andthen on your device you can unzip them and of course you have all the files for that zip file available on your device.

The one thing to rememberabout this is because all those files are zipped into this one folder it'sgoing to be much bigger than the individual files, so if we're downloadingan audio file or a video file then that's already quite large, but if we'reloading lots at the one time then obviously that is going to be muchlarger so first of all you need to make sure that you're on good Wi-Fi todownload this in order for it to download at a reasonable speed andsecondly please make sure that you're not on a cellular network and thereforepotentially paying for large downloads so be very careful with that: make sureyou're on good Wi-Fi in order to download these zip files.

So let's have alook at how this works.

We're in the Orientation module and we're in"downloading lessons in bulk to your computer or device".

So there's a littleexplanation of zip files there; "download the zip files below" so we've got the download links, and it's exactly the same process as before.

We tap on the file and we holdand then we get download link so I'm going to tap on "download link".

So it asksus to save that file; I tap on "done" and of course this is a much larger file soit will take some time to download this 800 odd megabytes of data.

Now, to see theprogress we can tap up here and it will actually show us the progress.

So it'sdownloading at this point 95 megabytes of 863.

Let's leave that working in thebackground, in fact let's speed things up! And our file is now downloaded.

OK, let's now see what we need to do with that zip file because remember it'sstill a zip file, we need to unzip it so I'll just come out of this and thenwe'll tap on the three lines up at the top and once again we see our documentswindow open here, so if we go to here we can now see that we've got this zip filein our downloads folder.

I'm going to tap on the zip file it says "processing" andnow we've got a new folder in our downloads folder.

If we tap on thatfolder you can see that all those files are immediately available on our iPadand we can go through any of them, tap on any of them and we've downloaded these,we don't need to be connected to the internet anymore in order to be able toaccess these so that's a really useful way of getting all the files at once.

Just before we finish off I want to show you one other thing and that's I how toorganize your documents within the Documents app.

So in here I am going tocreate a new folder, so I've come to the top level of my documents folder.

I wasin "downloads" but you just tap on the top right here where it says "documents" andI'm now at the top level, and I'm going to tap new folder down here so I'm goingto go to "new folder" and I'm going to call this Coffee Break Spanish.

There we go, so I've now got a Coffee Break Spanish folder and I can even add acolour tag if I like.

I'm going to give it our red colour tag.

There we go so it's nowCoffee Break Spanish and I'm going to open that folder,of course the folder is empty.

What I would like to do is move the file or thefolder from the Downloads folder into there, so if I go back to Downloadsand I'm going to open this folder here where I've got all my files.

I'm going to tapon Select and I can select these files individually just by tapping on them.

There we go.

So I've now got all of these files selected, it tells me up here ofyou 40 selected, and I'm going to tap on "Move" and if I go to "My iPad" and sayDocuments and I've got my Coffee Break Spanish folder, here tap in there and tapMove to Coffee Break Spanish, so all of those will now go from this folder andthey'll now be in my Coffee Break Spanish folder, there we go.

So all of the filesare there in Coffee Break Spanish.

Now if I wanted, I could organise these in batchesso I could keep files for our lessons 1-10 together and do a separatefolder for the the next batch of lessons and so on, but either way I've got themon my iPad so just to move on here what we would do is go back to the browserand now download the second batch so tapping on this one, download link and atthis point, if we want, we can actually tap on where it says "Save to.

" and I canactually go straight to my Coffee Break Spanish folder there so I now click on"done" and it will download that file to the Coffee Break Spanish folder.

That is where we're going to leave this video.

I hope that this has been useful, a usefulway to access the materials that you've purchased in the Coffee Break Academy onyour iPad by using this Documents app which, as I say, at the moment is the waythat we recommend that you do this.

Thank you very much for watching.

If you'd likemore tips on how to get the most out of the Coffee Break Academy materials thendo make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, and for now, happy Coffee Breaking!.