thank you for deciding to donate yourvehicle to rawhide this decision is truly a wonderful one and when we greatly appreciate all youneed to do is call us at 877 959 2199 or fill out the simple form on ourwebsite so we can contact you about your donation and we'll quickly dispatch a truck tocome pick it up we can either pick up the vehicle atyour location or the dealer or repair shop where it's located there's absolutely no charge for thepickup in there just a few things we'd appreciate to make the pick up process easy number one please include any and all set of keysnumber two please include your title signed and filled out it's just that simple thank you so much and we'll be on ourway shortly to pick up your vehicle but more importantly you have done awonderful thing for Rawhide and the youth and families of ourWisconsin communities the need is great so please call 877 959 2199 or visit rawhide.

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