Hi guys, Harsh here and today we will learnabout how you can create email list on Aweber, so Aweber is the marketing tool that I havebeen using for years and there are some good alternatives like 'getresponse' and 'mailchip'out there but being a blogger and affiliate marketer, I find Aweber to be the best, theyalso have a iOS and android app which makes it easier for you to manage your Aweber accountand moreover, you can start Aweber even marketing for dollar one, I have a link in the descriptionthat will get you started, So let’s assume you have already purchasedAweber and this is the dashboard that you see, so the very first thing that we willbe doing is clicking on the manage list, so in this video you will learn how you can createlist and few more things that you can do after that, so you can see I already have few emaillist and I have a few subscriber over here, so I will click on 'create a list', so thevery first thing that we will be doing is the company name, so company name is 'ShoutMeLoud',company website is shoutmeloud.

Com, this is another very important thing like what addresswould you like to include at the bottom of your email because it’s a rule, it’s aconvention that you need to add your address, it could be your office address, if you areworking from home, it could be your home address that you have to show at the end of the email,so I will select that email address, sender name that's me, sender email, now this isthe most important part, the list name because the list name will help you to differentiatebetween the different list name that you will be creating, so I’ll name it as, so thisis the list which I am creating specially for my workshop audience, so I have addeda quick description about my list and do remember that your subscriber will also see the descriptionso it’s a good idea to keep it detailed, less than 400 word, keep it meaningful, clickon next step.

All right, so here is the personalizationthing that happens, so you can personalize as much as you can, so let me show you whatI usually do, so here are the option, you can select from any of these options, I willsimply select first name, please confirm your subscription because what it will happen ifsomebody will subscribe in the name 'Matt', he will get a subject line Matt confirm yoursubscription and I will edit this first part by saying Hey {firstname_fix} hey Matt, pleaseclick the link below to confirm that you would like to receive email from shout up workshopand that's it, so this is pretty straight forward approved message and create list.

So that's it, your list has been created, now the thing is there are many things thatyou can do like, so after user has subscribed to your email list, what kind of messageshe should be getting, so there are few things like follow up series which is very important,what you can do with follow up series is you can create a follow up email which will besent out after let’s say three days of subscribing, after five days of subscribing and you cancreate unlimited follow up messages.

So this is more like putting your email list in automation,well this is one of the feature that I will discuss in upcoming videos, you can subscribeto my channel for similar videos and if you like this video, do give me a like.

Thank you for watching, this is Harsh.