[facebook blueprint] Hey! It's Marika.

[Marika Casteel] I just saw an amazing soft rock cover bandat my favorite coffee shop.

Got to love those smooth songs.

Now, I never would have known about the showif it weren't for Facebook Events.

You don't know want an Event page is on Facebook? No problem.

That's what I'm here for.

Events can help you turn your online communityinto an offline one.

[75% of Facebook user visit local business Pages]Three out of four Facebook users say they visit [at least once a week]local business pages at least once a week to see what's happening.

Want to host a happy hour at your business? How about a concert?A fundraiser? Or a special sale? Create events on your page and tell peopleabout these fun get-togethers.

They're easy to make and free.

In these next videos, I'll be by your side as you learn to put togetheran event from your page.

We'll answer questions like [IN THIS COURSE Create and publish your event.

]how do you create and publish an event? [Promote your event.

]How do you promote your event? And how do you manage [Manage and measure your event's performance.

]and measure your event's performance? I'm here to help you walk through all the stepsthat go with creating an Event.

You'll be an Event expert in no time.

There's lots to learn,so keep watching.