Hey you to family and tears down here I Know I haven't done a review video in a couple days.

I'm really sorry about that Hey YouTube family Terry Stone here.

I know I haven't done a review video in a couple of days Like I said, I have a job half family things get tough I'm gonna try to do once a day, but if I'm not at least gonna try to do two three times a week Um, I don't have a review video for you coming up today What I do have for you is I have how to set up your affiliate account in Warrior plus I know my first video I made after my introduction I made for jvzoo this time.

We're gonna do warrior Plus with you alright, so the first thing you're gonna do is you're gonna open your browser for All of you who don't know what affiliate marketing is affiliate marketing is where you make money online by selling other people's products so you'll have a digital product that you find from somebody else and Then you'll go and you'll sell it online alright, so Close this one out.

Alright, so how you're gonna get there.

So you're gonna type in the window here WWE Warrior + calm Calm and inner It's gonna take you to this screen here.

This is your hub screen the very first part of the screen Shows you where everything is as your profit is our business Shows you what the sales automation is thousands of affiliates top-notch products powerful tracking now This is really trying to sell you on to sell products on here.

But they also have of course the affiliate program which then you sell for other people so you can sell just like saving zoo you can sell or you can Go ahead and Sell somebody else's product.



It's trying to think of the words there.

Alright So first thing you're gonna do is you're going to hit free sign up Alright create a warrior account check this one we're gonna do am G55 for To make it whatever you want to make it The password make whatever password you want to make Email address now I'm gonna use the same email address I use with a jvzoo account.

Once again, it is a very old account I do not check these email.

So even a female me, I won't be able to renal I Can't read them, but I don't get into a very often All right, yeah, I'm not a robot Sometimes I wonder there's a bus there's a bust we see a bus anywhere else Yep, beside it when I'm blind.

There we go verify And then there create account Verification required yeah save it.

We're going to open another window.

You're gonna go to your yahoo account I'm gonna open this up in a Incognito window cuz like last time I don't want somebody seeing my yahoo account That's my main one.

I'm sorry.

I trust all y'all but there are some people out there that shouldn't have your information Yahoo mail comm Enter your email address with my chief of my 3 mm – I'm trying to remember the password And the last time I had this issue – we'll see what happened.

Oh Let's try this one Yep Alright, so right here it says verification required So you can tell that I'm affiliate because I get an email from all these guys got barbara Lee you got Simon Chan.

You got just in the Dexter.

Yeah, Justin, okay AJ Simon and Jeremy Dennis ray Oh Craziness Alright says in order to use for your Plus system, you must first verify that your email address.

Mr T 5 or 3 mm – yo comp is valid and that you are the owner So you're just gonna click the link that they send you And we are activated so I'm gonna close this one out Go back here and we are going to refresh So without those no, that's it the go back button and see if we can go yeah, here we go I'm gonna try to get out of here.

Sorry about this.

It's not that hard you would just continue on if you got that email Just I went into the incognito window so it made a little bit more difficult going to your dashboard to sign-in Already and it's not good Sorry I said I'm not trying to be me and I just my personal stats my personal stats Um, some people I'll show them to but there are some people that just don't need to know All right.

So you go into dashboard to sign in after you've signed up.

Okay? You can go to this button here sign in Already have my info up here because I said to save it Alright and this is your warrior forum since welcome to warrior plus Shows you what the marketplace is shows you what the product alert to show you who the vendors are Affiliate still add a help and support all the top-selling top products right now Traffic waves being number two.

That's what I'm talking about John.

Oh Let's see here any others that I recognize Currently very nice.

Brandon mace will currently still at number nine Very cool.

All right.

So this is kind of a similar situation to jvzoo as in the fact that You have your marketplace your vendors your affiliates? Still in a day and support.

It's just in a different Setup and of course different company.

So in order to do your affiliate account, you're gonna hit affiliates Obviously it says zero because we're in a brand new account and All the stuff up here here's offers Get links I saw offers is where you're gonna look through the promotions see what's being offered You're going to request your link And so far get links is where the items that have already been approved all your items will be there You almost have to hit get links at each one so that you can promote them your stats with your transactions There's the contests that are going on when you do affiliate marketing And a new product comes out a lot of times the creator's will do a affiliate contest where they giveaway first second third and fourth prizes I mean I've seen some how I saw where one was the first place was twenty-five hundred dollars on top of everything that you make $2,500 who couldn't use twenty-five hundred dollars.

I Mean that You got launch calendar and JV sinner Honestly launch calendar I'm pretty sure is I Want to say that square you're gonna get I Go to munch I calm that tells me what the new products are coming out for the months ahead But I'm sure launch calendar is the exact same thing We're gonna click it and find out Yep traffic it tells you everything that's coming out on the warrior Plus and when it's coming out for this month That's pretty cool.

Actually, I really like that Then you have your JV Center.

We're gonna click that really not sure what that is.

I haven't really clear family out before My Jamie contracts that's gonna have to be another tutorial once I find out What that for Most likely on the selling side Which I'm not a seller.

I'm affiliate.

I'm hoping to actually get into selling so, you know look out for my products So I'm gonna be looking for the buyers Alright, so if you go to offers Here's where all your offers that you can get your links for the top box here Doesn't mean one of the newer offers showing, you know, this is come just came out It came out on the 20th, which was yesterday.

It's this white file of the Month Club You want you know, it's an advertisement pretty much saying hey, I'm selling this product You know request my link then if you go down, here's all your other offers you got traffic.

Wave number two, very very nice Loop it I check a little bit reactor taking reactor flippa Dom another great one Let's see traffic flood that breaks through with Kenny cannon Lee castor the clones is a very very good product Today profits privately where it's master class and so forth Factory all of them.

Of course, it's your your own time.

You can read you can go through this whole thing So you would pretty much so now I'm not gonna actually request a while.

Yeah will request the link.

We'll see what happens well go to Let's do traffic ways All right, so this is pretty much the same as jvzoo, where you would go to request approval and You would tell them hey, you know, I'm a brand new seller Or if you're a Novus, you'll tell them have ya so many years experience.

This is what I do this I get my Sales the traffic.

I have your brand new.

You're well know.

Hey, I'm a brand new So I'm trying to get my name on you know out there I'd really appreciate if you would let me so products I would even go as far as giving them a video make a video on YouTube have it unlisted Send them the link and yeah, that way they can see your face if you see your face, they're gonna be more inclined to Expose I can put a person with Who's asking for the link, especially if you're brand new same thing goes for what they call review? Orders which is they'll give you a review of their Product there will be some high-class Part of the product.

It's gonna probably be just a basic product but it's enough to do a video with or Go through and find out what it's all about so that you can leave a review about That product and try to sell it tell you but your customers Your fans.

Hey, this is what it does.

This is what you do.

This is what it does for you This is how you make money and etc.

Okay So you'll just do request approval And here's your request notes.


I'm not gonna do the video like I would normally do but you know, you can put like Hi I'm Brand new to The affiliate Scene Trying to make a name for myself Myself well you please Allow me to sell your Products now, this is just a basic question.

I'm this is not how I asked my people Like I said, I usually do a video and say hey, you know, my name is Carrie stone I'm pretty new to or your plus.

I'm premium to jvzoo or if I'm like me I sold on Warrior Plus before Jesus film to me those words Jake were your plus I say Hey, my name's Terry stone.

I sold here for so many years This is how I'm gonna try to sell your product YouTube blog email marketing And I will do my best to sell as many products as I can for you to make you as much money as possible I'd ship it off then if they prove my link which then you would just request offer.


Let's I get ahead of ourselves here Quest offer that's gonna sit at them says success and then I'll say cancel request which you know That means your request to come out this offer is pending The review process I let them know hey, you know name's Terry stone again I sent in for our approval from your Link you can prove me as an affiliate marketer.

I as I said before I'm gonna try to sell your product on YouTube I'm gonna do a blog and I'm gonna send them my email list It'd be really helpful if I could get a review order So that I can when I make my video I can show my fans You know However, many subscribers you after you want to see how many subscribers you have always always put as much detail as you can You know my 3 thousands of subscribers what your product looks like in the front end, you know what they're buying Why it's gonna be worth it something like that and just, you know be honest with them.

Tell them I'm new You know, I really want to make a name for myself I'm trying to sell much product.

You can't so I can make money for you on top to make it money for myself It's really all you need to do ship the link off.

He'll be gold Alright and how you do that and where you're gonna send that to is I always go to the sales page Let that load up And if you scroll to the bottom Come on so I my computer likes to be retarded sometimes I'll see you inside.

You don't fucking know You see has like a contact us That's gonna have some we click on the Might be on the baby page hang on.

Let's go a little bit further up see if they See me there Yeah, my review who traffic lay is for John.

Oh love that guy.

He's so freaking awesome Teaches you a lot.

You know what that's another thing, you know, here's a free plugin gonna Pick up all of his launch jacking courses it's what I used to do my youtube videos and it's I it's what you need to use to do your online business he is very thorough and very Detailed and how he teaches you for not charging you a whole bunch.

I mean, I think you get one of his courses for free You get basic coursing for free you get advanced courses for free.

He sells the You Tube course for like 20 bucks He sells an email marketing course for 30 bucks.

I mean that's 50 bucks for two fun.

I'm talking about full courses There's good buy six seven eight modules in these things.

So he goes into 20 30 minutes Sometimes I've had one that was an hour twenty two minutes how to build a sales page Hour and 22 minutes just to build a sales page.

That's how much detail he goes into he gives you advice on what software's to run free software's paid software's what he uses but he recommends He's crazy.

I mean he gives those away for basically, nothing I Suggest you look up John Armstrong and you try to get his his courses.

I know his YouTube one is on jvzoo If you want to look at Lots Jackie by John.

Oh, I'm strong alright and I don't have the Facebook.

Sorry back to where we were All right, let's close this out let's try to go to the JV page follow spells can go to affiliate information Yui JV page with the JV page is yes.

It's a page that tells you about the property for it comes out what to expect When it launches how to get your affiliate link etc, which you'll see all through here This is what you go when you do Mun chai and that will be another Video I will do for y'all how to do the much I that's where you really begin.

You pick what you want to promote you'll ask for your link You give them the review video and then once you're approved you start the process So there's jonno right there Alright, let's take a look.

I know there was some where cus when it was somewhere where it showed their Facebook or something So, you know the bottom of this one Yeah, right here.

Here we go.

Alright, so you would shoot one of these guys a Facebook message for that review I'll just do Johnno because I'm a Fan of John.

Oh, so no John.

Oh And you would just once you make your video copy the link in YouTube go to message You can see semester's problem.

I know I'm sorry guys, but oh maybe not this is my business account I talked to him on my personal account mean That home and use my business account for other things CK use the other one we'll find out.

Oh, so I just take it so long it must be because I'm recording Here we go, all right and you would just type something like, you know post the link say hi John Armstrong Or mr.


However, you want to place it.

Please watch the video That I left for you.

It'd be greatly appreciated and you send it they'll watch the video They're more likely to approve your review access then if you type something I mean You can type it out on that little box that pops up when you hit for your link but it's just so much more personal if you leave a video if you leave a video at least then They can put it like I said put a face to who you are.

They can see you're a person I mean, it's so much easier to connect to a face and a person into this two words All right guys, I'm at 20 minutes I just move the show has gone on a lot longer than I thought If I left anything out, I'm sorry.

Please leave a comments below and I promise I will touch base on anything.

You have questions about Please don't forget to hit the thumbs up icon Right below this video and please subscribe to my channel hit that little bell icon So that you can get notifications.

So when I release my new videos, I hope you have a wonderful night.

Stay safe I love YouTube fan.