Hey guys welcome to Kindle Preneur TVI'm Dave Chesson the creator of Kindlepreneur.

Com and in today's lesson we'regonna cover something very important how do I get Amazon to allow me to do a penname find out now so many authors have this idea that they want to create abook but for many different reasons they don't want to have to share their realname and that's actually okay but the question is how do I actually get Amazonto let me do a pen name as well as handle the taxes and the paymentinformation so in this video I'm going to show you exactly where you can add apen name what happens once you've done that and exactly how does Amazon treatthis so the first thing you need to know about pen names is that you need to doit inside your Kindle direct publishing account so go ahead and go to KDP selectthe book or if you're uploading your book for the first time go ahead andstart inserting your information there when you get to authors go ahead andcreate the pen name that you want now I've got a wonderful article on how tocome up with a really market savvy pen name because a lot of thoughts should gointo that now once you've selected the pen name okay and you hit publish here'swhat happens amazon publishes that author and that author name but theyunderstand that that author name is connected to your KDP account so nomatter what happens they understand that is your property that is your asset youdon't have to worry about somebody with that same name coming back and sayinghey that's my book amazon knows that you published it and they would have toprove that they actually wrote it so no worries legally the second thing is isthat you no matter what still get paid and you get paid under the name that youset up your KDP account so you don't have to worry about receiving a check orhaving your bank reject the payment because it's under a different name itwill come under your name the other thing is that once you're done andamazon sends your tax information they're going to tax you no matter whatbooks or what authors are under it so say for example you're actuallypublishing somebody else's book with their permission of course into your KDP Amazon is not going to pay that person anythingthey're only going to pay the owner of that account it's up to you and youruser agreement with that author that you pay them what's owed to them and alsothat you reflect that in your taxes so there you have it to get your KDPaccount or to get your pen name under your account all you have to do is makethat your author name and then Amazon will take care of the rest but if you'vepublished somebody under you then you need to make sure that you're takingcare of them and paying them how much you owe them as well as taking care ofthe taxes all right well I'm Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur TV wishingyou guys the best of luck and saying Cheers you.