Okay, so today we're going to learn how to create a fan page okay for our Facebook, okay So this is my normal account my first account and I'm just going to create a new one because I already have a fan page Attached to this account.

So I'm just going to create one scratch and let you know a few things that I Already have one, but I want you to Be sure be clear on a few things that are important to consider when starting a new Fan page.

Okay so that you don't have to Modify everything or even delete it because you realize it's not the way that you want it to be.

Okay later on when you start actually Developing your business.

Okay, so You'll come here where it says Created okay.

So before it who would be here in this little arrow that will come here.

It says create And you have here connecting share with customers or fans.

Okay, and then you have advertised advertisement groups Marketing listing and all of these things.

Okay, you come create page, okay Create a page Okay, so this is what you'll see We take this from yeah This is what you'll see you'll have business or brand and community or public figure Okay and unity, but what's important to you with a Facebook with a free Facebook page? Okay, and let's see what it says here Well, basically then you have a category Then you have a category from where you can choose okay degree And you have a category from where you can choose okay once more What's more? And you have the category where you can choose what applies to you and your brand, okay? So let's choose here business or brand.

I will just set a name.

Oh, I Will just write my name Actually, this is going to be a little confusing so I'll put this Kelly and then category well before We could just choose from a huge list, you know, you have to write it yourself So type or don't do to best describe your page and choose it to just two going.

Okay It doesn't show Any suggesting, so let's see I'm gonna start some friends because Okay, then he starts typing use the suggestions, okay You see I Strongly suggest you to create a page where you can actually read yourself and not a specific product or service Why as we're talking we have talking in other videos? Okay, you should ruin yourself You should be your business because you never know if you change companies or if you had an extra Stream of income.

Okay, you wanna promote it also? Okay, so It will be a little confusing if you start promoting everything in the same page if your page is just Great was just created with that specific product or service.

Okay, let's say for example, you're in health and wellness, but we had another business which will give you Like you're doing online coaching That has nothing to do with health and wellness Okay, and you want to promote that okay? so if you run yourself and not all your products and services It will be easier for people to come in to your page And you feel that? It can actually get some value from ethics and not just about that product because if you if you name first of all if your name your page Name of a company or a product or name that already says what your page is about basically, just that specific product or service it would be really difficult for people to to opt-in to your page and actually Explore it's okay, and if you just bring yourself you just you want that people to you and then they will see what is it that You can do for them.

Go ahead.

What's the Solution that they can get from you.


It's It's all about self priming okay, there's another video that I talked about why it's important to burn yourself not your company's not your Company's products.

Okay, so I also almost suggest you to go Something Otherwise we'll have to see you can choose problem figure here also So basically, it's not that important here one or another Here the category is the most important.

Okay, let me select continue Okay, then you have of course you need to upload a profile picture, okay And Just try this as simple as possible Because sometimes you create a page the front page and then few months go by and you want to change something and we just we forget you just forget and Sometimes makes the difference.

Okay, I'm gonna put just This one Okay.

Come a picture you just click here and in she's a cover picture, of course, it's important I'm just gonna put this one And again on your cover picture or your banner You don't want to just put a bunch of products so that people can automatically know what you're selling know, you wanna but something that Defines you, you know something that it's about you Okay Unless there are people that have like five pages because one is particularly two one one one business and the reason why people do that it's because they're actually going to Do a lot of ads there and boosting posts and all of that Okay, in that case if you just if you want to continually do it do a lot of ad Advertisement.

Okay, then.

Yeah, if you have three different businesses, then create a different fan page for each products, but I still think it's best that you Create your page that brands yourself because not every advertisement that you do in your page You need to actually post on your page.

You can choose not to post the advertisement and then just as just go in the internet but series I think if you actually want to Go to all the trouble to create a lot of fun pages to your specific products to your specific business to a specific Niche okay, you need to advertise there Otherwise, it won't be shown you won't have a lot of engagement because Facebook obviously wants you to spend money.

Okay in Even in this page for example the pager It doesn't have the engagement throughout life because it's a fun page and Facebook doesn't Give so much I'd say importance to your front page unless you pay Okay, for example in one once a month or once to once in two months I make some ads or just boost the post and then we I see that other posts get more engagement because Facebook show us more but if I spend a lot of time without paying anything to make ads or post polls Okay, Facebook doesn't show my pictures my posts nothing Okay said if you want to have a page a fan pages is really really Targeting about specific products or your niche? Okay, you need to pay for advertisement.

Okay so then you start seeing here all your friends that you can invite and It doesn't show my cover picture, but it's okay.

It's no problem Okay, so then you see a lot of things that they say that you need to set out There are the suggestions for you to start adding.

So you see here.

Welcome to your new page And then try this inside add to make your bridge.

No just the way that you want to sell your page and then Here's a side note.

A lot of people they have a fun page and they don't share it because oh there's nothing here I don't have any posts and on shit like this.

There's the thing everyone started somewhere Okay, we all were newbies once.

Okay, so I suggested to you again if you're branding yourself whenever you post in your personal Accounts in your personal page share it also on your fan page because even on your personal page There are a lot of people that don't see your posts because of algorithms so if you have a really good post and you want to actually be There for a long time Also copy paste it don't share it.

Okay, because share posts also don't have a lot of engagement So in your fan page would be even less even less so Copy paste and post it on your front page If you have a post that you really want to share post it also on your front page Okay, so you cannot see anything else because I don't have anything else.

Okay, so let's talk about The button that you'll have here, which is the most important Okay, so if you actually want to leverage your front page You should have mini Chet and it said connects to your front page If you don't have a fan page, you cannot have minutes yet when it said gives you the chance to have your own But meaning that you will start connecting with people through messenger not a normal messenger But whatever is that you want to share if people subscribe to your thoughts so many chat They all receive a message that you send.

Okay as a message inside messenger, okay? That's why you need to see which button you'd have here.

Okay, so most people have here are Send message And whenever people click their send message they will Automatically get into your mini check because they will be sending your message you will send them a message, which is a default message on your Mini jet or even if you don't connect it with mini jet on your fan page There's automatic message every notice that you always see when you go to someone's page You always see I think if your being here something like that this person normally replies in blah blah blah minutes, okay, or if you really Want to take it a step forward you will actually Create that own message.

Okay, so Make a booking with you contact you one more shot with you download app I Think it should be more but I Think it's here.

Okay This is a little different you think it is contact you okay contact you in then you have contact us Send message call now sign up.

Send email.

Okay, I think some messages where people will be more willing To be it's just click there Done.

Okay, people are not will not want you to call them right away, especially Their new joke page send email could be but most people don't read their email as much as a Message, okay, so just gonna click send message.

Okay, and you see here that Message then you go next and then where would you like this button to send people to? Okay? When customers click your button there will be directed to a place where they can take an action to find more information So people up into a page if funpage already expecting to be led somewhere.

Okay, so You will let them to to To your messenger, okay where I said you can actually create a message.


Your button is a message here and It's done Okay, then you have Your button send message configure send message it's a message and When you click here on messenger you'll have this okay, so Configure to message.

Okay finish And then you have your send message you have a test button get message edit button delete button Okay, this is where you're going to edit your button, okay? If you just put the mouse Over you'll see the options, okay? Dave here.

You have add a description of your page So that you can talk a little bit about you Okay So the people know what you're about and here you have about section also where you have a lot of space if you are actually went to Develop a little bit more information about you not everyone goes in sees this but when they do they will be Knowing you a little bit more okay have in for an advertisement groups community events So here you'll find out what your photos your videos Your reviews whenever someone creates are great with you on your Your fan page here promotes goes directly to what you want to promote if you promote your website if you promote a post Okay in here to manage the promotions that you have, okay? What I wanted to show you okay Here okay here you can edit information on your page Okay, we see the admin which is you unless you have another person create and View page as visitor.

Okay, create another page invite friends Like as a page and create milestone all of this Okay, so So let's resume.

It's okay.

You have a profile picture you have a cover picture, which is not here didn't upload I don't know.

Why and then you have you have a lot of suggestions here to make it all okay, like a few steps that I'd suggest us and then you can Apply them or not Okay and then don't forget to Create content to your page instead of just putting your your products in your services.

Just go and Put a little bit of your poster that you use on your personal page and copy paste It and put it here.

Okay, not everyone sees your post my personal page not everyone is going to see them here But people actually need to know that you're a person, okay? Either way when people come into your page, they're always always going to see your personal profile Okay, so you might as well not smoke share it here a little bit more.

Okay, so if you want to know more about How to connect your fan page to your manager, okay, there's a video about it Okay that I I created how you can leverage minutes yet Okay If you have already a lot of funds that you want to share and you want people to subscribe To so that they can view in your list Okay, you just have to create it and then you start sending the link to people Okay people that are actually interested in what you have Okay, but this is a first step a good a good profile picture going to a cover picture The username which you can here change if you want.

Okay, I have Kelly and then I can just have here Okay and create Your name something more catchy that you wanna be connected to your name, okay That's how people will look for you on the inter.

That's Okay, and then you just start developing here Okay, every time you post something you have here if you can boost the post sometimes you can like this You cannot post a full picture, but pretty much all the posts you can boost Okay means that you do will be shown to the people that you choose Okay, so this is how you create a fanpage or business page? Okay again, I strongly suggest you to go with public figure Okay, not a company's name not a products name not a lot of pictures on your products here Okay brand yourself because then you you'll have more freedom inside of your page to promote.

Whatever you want okay, so I'm Raquel from set your mind straight with Raquel calm.

Don't forget to share this video Okay, because unless we just don't know what we don't know right like and not forget subscribe to my channel Ok, don't forget check the links below so that you can know how you can leverage minutes yet.

I'm telling you It's super super cool.

Ok, don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you all in the next video.