[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: Hey, internet people.

This is Nest Hub, andthis is Nest Hub Max.

They both do a lotof things, but let's just focus on one thing– Home View.

It's like a commandcenter for your home.

With one swipe down, you haveaccess to all your Google Nest devices.

But Google, why would Iwant to control everything from one place? Although none of youare wondering that, let's discuss anyways.

Here's mom on her day off.

All she wants isa little me time– just her, her couch,and her terrarium.

But something's missing.

Ah, tunes.

So mom opens HomeView, selects Media, and chooses which speakersshe wants playing, and voila.

[JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, see? That's nice, isn't it? Mom heads to the kitchen.

Oh, and hey, let's meet her son.

He's always leaving thelights on in his room.

But with Nest Hub, she canadjust any light in the house.

And since there's a hub righthere, mom can open Home View, select Lights in her son'sroom, and turn them off.

But wait.

You know what else she can do? Turn the lights any color.


How about purple? Her son will love purple.

Right? Maybe? No? Anyway– SPEAKER 2: Hey, sweetie.

It's cold in my room.

SPEAKER 1: That's grandma.

She's always cold.

Grandma knows that she cancontrol the thermostat directly from her hub.

She just forgetsthings sometimes.

Swipe down to open HomeView, select Thermostat, choose Temperature.

Or if your fingers are too coldto work, you can just say– SPEAKER 2: Hey, Google.

Set temperature at 68 degrees.

SPEAKER 1: Let's get backto mom and her terrarium.

[DOORBELL] Hold on.

Dad's back with thepizzas, as mom can clearly see from the Nest Cam,and not a moment too soon.

All this tutorialing ismaking everybody hungry.


Dad forgot to lockthe front door.

Not a problem.

Mom can simply select Locksfrom the Home View screen.

Crisis averted withoutleaving the couch.

A happy parent with ahome under control thanks, in part, to Home Viewon your Google Nest Hub or your Google Nest Hub Max.

That's all for now.

See you.