other guys another video while I Drivethis time I wanted to talk on Korea's especially if you're planning to go touniversity being wise in what subject to measure in I'm going to go a bitanecdote or just to talk about my own experience I grew up in a developingcountry let's say a third world country growing up it was a militarydictatorship and I was quite good in in my studies I would say I was sort ofbalanced we had the sort of two options going tohigh school you could go the science option preparing for a career in scienceor engineering over the course damn science technology engineering andmathematics and there was another section that would prepare students togo to university in the major in liberal arts social studies and those those sortof things now I was really a sort of argumentativeperson I like the poetry I like the rich richer so my preferred choice was to goto prepare for a liberal arts degree at University and the choice has to be madeas soon as you go high school after year 10 so that was my preferred choice but another reason was that our economywasn't necessarily as robust as it is in the West so we did not have a thrivingindustry most of the jobs were in government departments starting fromteaching in to hospitals to political careers so looking around me or on TV itlooks like the likes of TV personalities or radio personalities where the mostpopular then there were lawyers in the Economist those were like the mostpopular jobs to be honest especially like lawyers so and The Economist indeedso my preferred choice was to be a lawyer I don't know or an economist orotherwise a radio presenter some sort of psychologist whatever that was but I hadthis big brother we had a big brother who was really like our our mentor ourguide it wasn't impressed by my choice you know he thought that actuallymajoring in the liberal arts is for for the lazy people you know it wasn'treally something substantial you learning so anyhow I ended up going to SouthAfrica and that is the way I did my degree now when I got there I had atough choice to make essentially because I wasn't sure whether I would be livingin South Africa forever or if after graduation there was a chance to go backto my home country why was that importantin a sense if I was to live in South Africa majoring in Liberal Arts inbusiness degrees like economics and Business Administration in legal settersin legal legal studies wasn't a good choice because it was hard as a migrantto find a job as a lawyer in a bank as a journalist because I didn't evenunderstand most of their languages or in any political position that justrequired a degree or degree in the humanities so the choice would be amongthings that are more marketable or like nursing was the most popular engineeringwas probably the second most popular something a bit more practical you knowbut going back home in general necessarily be as important as in SouthAfrica so majoring in the law would give me a cutting edge for example so ourStern among those two choices but then I thought that looking into thesituation working in the South Africa was the most sort of probable choice soI chose a course I thought it was more marketable in the current market and Iremember a friend of mine asking me at the church why did you chooseengineering and I said honestly I chose engineering and particularly electricalengineering because it was the most marketable at that particular timeobviously nursing was probably the most guaranteed to get a job but I don't knowI didn't feel like being a nurse you know so I went with the engineering butalso what informed me of the choice where people who were there before melike they had this mentality from home that you have to do something thatsounds great like business management you know or you follow your passion assome popular speakers would tell you and they majored in those subjects likebusiness management I don't know even a law and then aftergraduation it was hard for them to find jobs and ended up doing very odd jobswith the paying off debts they incurred whilestudying so I thought I could learn from what they are I'll call them mistakesbut their choices you know that was another reason why another sortof the reason why I chose not to major in the things that sounded heavy on thesurface but are not practical in modern industries in the speak of that I justremember the friend of mine we were in in transit somewhere Africa and we'retalking about the studying you know and asked him alsoFabian what do you wanna major in if you had a chance to go to university insteadI want to do industrial psychology industry or psychologist was the Frenchpsychology industry year honestly it was the first time I heardof that term with psychology investors I felt like wow that sounds over thatsounds really fantastic that was I don't know 20 years ago byMaxwell is my mathematics calculator maybe 18 years ago house it was around2001 now we are 217 so 18 years ago now 18 years later and I've been in I don'tknow five countries I applied to a number of jobs I've met a lot of peopleI have only seen one person who had a job called industrial psychologist whenI was working for GE General Electric back in South Africa where this lady whowas doing industrial psychologist sort of work again I cannot believe in thatone too what really was there all in the company but I'm saying reallythere is no match there's no many offerings of food as a psychologistaround the world although it sounds really good now firstforth the 2019 as as I speak as I record this video we have got a crisisespecially in the USA where we have enough graduates who have gone through ahuge student lon in the region of 100,000 I understandUSA I don't know what that cost we overthink in the USA but some kinds ofcontracts hundred thousand any debt they majored in the liberal arts something isridiculous in the women's study or gender studies or something really longwhat I'm going to do with that and they did their degree the word to theirmasters they will double down doing PhDs now they've got this degrees and theycannot afford to get work they are even some professors or adjunct professorsthat I call them who are actually queueing with unemployed people and alitigator the ones for food stamps and the social welfare in the USA with thePhD and the publication's in their name while if a guy finished I don't knowwhere ten in the wind to do it trade as a plumberthey won't incur any debt we only take three to four years to be a qualifiedplumber and they make way more than what these adjunct professor is doing to thePhD and a thousand dollars in debt so I don't know I I don't want to bevery prescriptive over here or critical of anyone who is measuring you anythingthey need but I think it really pays to be careful when we're doing thesechoices because in the end of the day especially if you are in a city thereare bills to be paid you have to pay your rent you have to pay for food youhave to pay for your student loan so it doesn't really make sense to major insomething where the odds of finding a job that pays are really really minimumyou know because for me education among other things is an investment so youneed to calculate like any other investment the return on investment andthe likelihood of getting your investment back in the first place sothat's my take on on these things again I'm not an education specialist I'm nota career advisor of any sort but I can see it from my own experience from theexperience of friends I know from things as in the media and so forth thatmajoring in some of the subject especially humanities Social Sciencesliberal arts anything really that has got Studies in the end a human studywomen studies gender studies whatever studies it might be a really waste oftime especially I'm particularly speaking of guys who plan to work in theWest obviously if your intention to go back to Africa or in any other thirdworld country and the work there if you have sort of thought of it in that sensethan fine but in the West it is really really sort of kind of money you spendto major in the degree that will give you the door to no chance of finding apaying job so those are the things I wouldn'tencourage my son or my daughter to measure in if they were asking me andtaking my advice but again I've got a kids when they graduate when they theyare ready to go to university I'm a pretty sure there will be thisdiscussion to be had and now we throw my two cents to them but it's up to them todecide what they're comfortable with and speaking of comfortable there is thissort of a lie that is disordered to us at some times where some so-calledcareer advisors or motivational speakers say I'll go with your passion do whatyou like hey no that's that's nonsense work has never been in fashion okaynobody will pay you for your passion right my passion that I cannot be justto watch Netflix I don't know or to go to Vietnam on a white beach and juststand back they order my day who's gonna pay me for that no one right so no one'sgonna pay you for your passion if you do your passion then no one's gonna pay forit if someone has to pay you for something it has to be something painfulwork is never a passion if you happen to be working for something you'repassionate about power to you but work is something youhave got to do sometimes it's not something you you do is entertainment orthe circuits life is not a circus so and the passion something that changes rightwhen you are kids you think you want to be a firefighter I don't know or or avery mother fairy godfather I want in fact is or Santa Claus or whatever thena little bit you grow up you think you want to be a pilot and after a while youmeet somebody who is a lawyer that it's wedding attire and I'd be a lawyer ofpassion that's move around so you have to sit down when you are grown up personand say what is practical life is not really always about immersion and enjoyit entertainment so that's what I'm saying if you want tohave a decent job scout the market at the moment I would think you can't go towrong if you try to measure in the majority of the STEM fields and the stemagain stands for science technology engineering mathematicsobviously mathematics and the physics they are more theoretical subject it ispretty hard to find a job as a mathematician or a theoretical physicistmainly because I mean yeah except in academia and some of the researchinstitutions they are not very practical but in school in high school to pace tolearn those things because they hope you choose technology and engineering asyour major and to do well if you have done your school mathematics and yourschool physics but as I was saying technology is reallymarketable in the West starting from the trays plumbers electricians telecommunication technicians construction workers also of trains atthe moment it's really hot cake then engineering civil engineering ElectricalEngineering electronics mechanical engineering a software engineering especially it's alot of IT jobs these days the demand is really high especially if we can breakinto software engineering as in the programming it's very very well-payingin the world and there's a lot of demand from USA to Canada to England to therest of Europe Australia New Zealand I can see like if you are reading a goodprogrammer you will be in demand but I'm not ever going to be very prescriptivewhat I said is just to be careful when you choose your your major and thesometimes you have to prepare in advance I'm talking to those young ones who arestill in high school you've got to prepare in advance it isgoing to be hard if you haven't done any high school mathematics to go intoengineering for example even in in the computer science is ways it's notnecessarily a requirement to have mathematics you find that the level onesubject to have a big components of what mattersso it's good to prepare in advance if you're still young in high school makesure you pick up those tough subjects that everyone is running away frombecause hey if everybody could do it then what they will do it so just focuson those ones it's easier to just switch back into humanities if that's what youlike but it's hard to switch to engineering even and mathematics has abackground in high school studies so be thoughtful okay just be thoughtful don'tjust pick up something because it sounds greator because admire your professor or because you want to be the nextpresident of the United States and the Barack Obama deed law anything you knowis what it is to that sort of stage only want to be a business manager and thething you need a business management degree for that just be thoughtful willbe pragmatic in your choice think live and be wise that's all I can say at themoment if you have got any suggestions it's just my opinion for the moment Ididn't throw any data here if you have any suggestions just feel free tocomment down below if you need any sort of guidance I'm not a career counseloras I said but I think I've gone through a lot I can give some of the folks a bitof advice on how to go about these thingsemail to me big brother at African big brother calm out put my email down thereit I mean big brother at African big brother calm or just go African bigpredator calm and contact me or connect us there is a link there and the guysthanks for listening he you like the video please show that with the likebutton subscribe to the channel if you haven't yet share this video withfriends you know click the notification button below just to know when I'mpublishing a new video and see you next timetears for now bye.