What's up guys gravity back with another video today? I'm going to show you how you can easily change your windows language from windows 10, so let's get right into it first of all go to your windows logo and four to four proofing This is a big English version.

Ask me anything recently added and also 14s also English I'm going to change it to dutch go to settings then go to time and language Go to region and language and then and then scroll down until you see Add language and basically add your language that you want to do and then after you add in it.

I already added it here so the netherlands dutch After you edit it click on it and click set as default Now this will be disliked language after the next sign in so what you're going to do.

Now is restart your computer Restart it I'm going to fast for this process you and later you guys as you can see if the language change it also V was linked not coupling and now the Cortina is the is God and As you can see also for proof Rental, Otoko brooks is also Netherland Let's bow in New Zealand Amber Bogle is New Zealand and all that kind of stuff if you want to go back do the same thing also go to tah title Data and your language and Go to English and then click that instead of Standard Ok and now it also says after the next timing So also again restart the computer and basically order to be a gun after the next restarting For brooke I'm going to show you that you Yep, and as you can see guys the Cortana bar is again and here's that links again and if you open up recently added, so everything is done to normal guys and Yeah, as you can see all the settings has gone to normal yep That was that for this video be sure to give it a thumbs up if it helped you and comment down below Anything any ideas that you want me to show you and that will do a video on it and I will place it on YouTube, so Upcoming videos my friends at school said if you video ideas, I will do that in the future videos So be sure to stay tuned for that hit the identification bell and the subscribe button down below for more awesome videos like this one and peace out.