Hello, my name is Erin and in thistutorial I'm going to show you how to change the proofing language forMicrosoft Word comments.

But first, let's briefly talk about why you'd want to make this change.

When you use Microsoft Word's review tools to edit someone else's document, the comment tool automatically inherits the original author's proofing language, along with spelling and grammar check settings.

Normally this inheritance isn't aproblem; however, if the author wrote the text in another language and then translated it to English without updating the proofing language, your comments maybe ignored by the review tools.

And this means that your comments won't be spelling or grammar checked.

But the proofing languages you inherited from existing Word documents aren't permanent, as I'll demonstrate today in Word 2016.

These steps are similar for previous versions of Word.

To begin, select the Home tab and then select the dialog box launcher in the Styles group.

Next, select Options in the Styles taskpane to open the Styles Pane Options dialog box.

In the Styles Pane Options dialog box,select All Styles from the Select Styles to Show drop-down menu, and then select OK.

Then scroll to Comment Text in the Styles task pane.

Hold your cursor over Comment Text to reveal the options arrow.

Select the options arrow and then selectModify.

Next, select Format and then Language in the Modify Style dialog box.

Select English in the Mark Selected Text As drop-down box in the Language dialog box.

Ensure that the Do Not Check Spelling or Grammar option is not selected so that Word will check your comments next time you run the spelling and grammar checker.

Select OK to close the language dialog box, and then select OK to close theModify Style dialog box.

Finally, save and close your document and then reopen it to activate your new review settings.

Thank you for watching.

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