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So today I will show you how to change your language from your favourite game "Pubg".

Sometime people's are mistakenly changed their regional language to another one, at that time they are worrying how to change that language and also they didn't know how to locate that language settings.

But my suggestion is you don't worry about it, because thislanguage setting is mostly located at the last one in settings section and now a days this is the one of the most popular game in world wide.

So if you are the one of the pubg lover, you can follow my steps.

So let's go to our tutorial.

First of all I try to open that game in my new android mobile and here you can see my game is starts to loading.

because it starts to recovering my olddata's.

Finally my game is ready to use.

Now in this home page section you canlocate that Settings icon, which means that gear icon.

But in my device it is located at the bottom, because this is the latest version of pubg.

But in future this gear icon location is may varrying.

So I try to open that settings and then it shows lots of settings and in right side it also has some options.

So here you can scroll down and then goto the last settings, but I don't know what is this language.

Here you can click to open that last one and then you can see it shows some languages, soin this section you can select your regional language, so I try to select my language to "English" and then you can click to save this changes, by clickto yellow colour option.

Finally one more time this game is restarting and then you can see my game language is default set to English.

So due to the time consumption i finished up my tutorial.

So this is the way you can easily change your pubg game language in your android mobile.

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