Hello my name is Paul Priestley, welcometo artists in school, the home of art history videos for young people and forinterested amateurs.

Now one of the issues I have is that my videos are seenby people all around the world, but I speak in English and most of thosepeople don't speak English.

So how can we translate what I'm saying into somethingthat people can understand in their own language? Well YouTube provides a verysimple tool for doing this and that is the subtitles.

It can instantly translatesubtitles into any language.

It is absolutely brilliant.

I'll show you howto do it, it's very very simple.

I just make a start, this is a still frommy film on the life of Van Gogh.

If you wanted to see my words translated insubtitles in your own language, then this is what you do.

First of all you need toclick the subtitles button which is down here.

Once you've clicked the subtitlesbutton then it will automatically generate subtitles in English and itwill follow my words exactly.

If you want to translate it, click the Settingsbutton here.

Once you've clicked the Settings button this menu will haveappeared click the subtitles section here.

New menu will appear, click AutoTranslate.

Once you've clicked that you will then get a list of all thelanguages that YouTube can translate into.

I'm going to choose Dutch, forexample, and it will immediately translate my words into Dutch.

So you canwatch the film and have my words translated from English into whateverlanguage you speak.

Thank you for watching artists in schoolI hope now that you can appreciate just how easy it is to watch a video, anyvideo not just mine, but any video on YouTube in your own language usingsubtitles.

If you've enjoyed the video then please check out my youtube channel,you can see it down here and if you are really interested in supporting what Ido you might also check out my patreon channel, that would be really muchappreciated.

Thank you very much for watching.