This is my New Nintendo 3DS XL.

It is running custom firmware 11.

5 and its region is American.

We will try to change this console region to Japan.

I have installed a lot of games and apps here.

Don't worry.

You won't lose it even after changing the region.

Turn off the console.

Now we will need to remove the micro SD card from the console.

Prepare a philips screw driver and remove the battery cover.

Remove the micro SD card.

Open the web browser and enter the given URL Download the file and put it on the desktop.

Then open another URL There are two folders.

Choose the folder which suit your console.

Mine is New 3DS XL so I chose New 3DS Inside that folder, there are four files.

Each file represents a specific region.

I want to change my console region to Japan, so I chose the J file.

Download it and put it on the desktop Insert the micro SD card to the computer Then open the region change package with Winrar Extract all content to the micro SD card.

Replace all files if prompted Open the ctrtransfer package file with Winrar Extract its content to gm9 folder on the micro SD card.

Reinsert the micro SD card to the console.

Press and hold Start button while turning on the console Select GodMode9 Press A to create Essential files backup if prompted.

Then press A to continue Navigate to SDCARD Then open the gm9 folder.

Select the.

Bin file Then choose CTRNAND options.

Select Transfer Image to CTRNAND Press A to unlock SysNAND Enter the given combo keys.

This process take some time to finish.

Please be patient.

Press A to continue Then press B to decline the relocking process.

Press Home Button and choose Scripts.

Choose ctrtransfer ticket copy Press A to continue This process will dump all existing apps and games ticket.

Press A to continue Then press Start to reboot the console.

Now you can see that the console language has been changed to Japanese.

Now you must run the Download Play app.

Press L button, Down button and Select button to open the Rosalina menu.

Choose Miscellaneous options Then choose Switch the homebrew title to the current app.

Press B several times to exit Rosalina menu.

Press Home button then choose close to exit Download Play app.

Open the Download Play app again.

Search for FBI and run it.

Navigate to SD Enter gm9 folder then out folder Enter ctrtransfer tickets folder Enter eshop folder Select the current directory Select Install and delete all tickets.

Press A to confirm Then press B to continue Now enter the unknown folder and do the same step as before.

Press any button then press B several times to get back to FBI main screen.

Then press Start to exit FBI Press Home button then choose close to exit the Homebrew Launcher.

Now you got your games and apps back.

All you have to do is unwrap it all At this point, some games that have multi language track will automatically shown in Japanese.

For example Mario Sports Superstars.

Not all games have this kind of capability.

You should check it out yourself to find out.

Now we need to turn off the console Press and hold Start button while turning on the console Select GodMode9 Navigate to SD CARD Then enter gm9 folder.

Delete both ctrtransfer file by pressing X Then press Start to reboot the console.

Thank you for watching this tutorial.

I hope it helped you.

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