Hi guys Mark Barner from MacGeni.

Com Today I am gonna teach you how to change language on.

Adobe CC products.

So hang on.

First of all you have to have adobe cloud running here.

You can see all the apps that you have before we can go any further you have to go and uninstall.

the application that you want to change language on So uninstall Adobe photoshop here I would uninstall the danish version When thats uninstalled you can go into the adobe wheel choose settings.

And this is in danish language again so it would say "settings" or "preferences" on your computer and here.

before mine was change to danish now I want to change the language into English So.

choosing that.

I have to go into the app section again and then reinstall the photoshop app again in the correct language.

So yeah you have to uninstall and then reinstall the applications to get them in the correct language This was a very quick video but I hope you learned something from it.

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