how to change language and AdobePremiere Pro CC 2019 hello what's up guys welcome to my youtube channeldigital creations and in this video editing tutorial we are going to learnhow to change your software language to different languages like Brazilian andGerman French so let's get started and before starting this video editingtutorial don't forget to subscribe my youtube channel little creations and hitthe bell icon so you never miss my new latest uploads so let's get started I'm going to create a new project andfor this I'm just going to file new project to change the language of my tochange software language so I just type the name of a language and create a newproject now guys after creating a new project I'm going to change my softwarelanguage to German my software language is Premiere Pro CC 2019 soccer languageis English American North American English so I'm going to change it tochairman so for this I need to go to console so by using short key andkeyboard when Windows so you press control at 12 and commander after all inMac so under the console you go to debug database view and here you just scrolldown and under the application language here in in this area I'm just going tochange my English by default is English selected so I'm going to change toGerman so I'll type de underscore caps te and simply I type this here inapplication language and on the console now debug database view and simply Ijust close this and restart Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 again so I'm goingto restart my software to change the software language in Premiere Pro CC2019 so I'm going to restart and look at this guy's my software language teamshe changed English to German so you can understand your language or you can useyour own language here and let's start this software Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019now guys you see my software language change to German and here I'm going tocreate a new project in German language and by default is German selected and Ijust create a new project to show you that my software Adobe Premiere Pro CC2019 software languages changed to German language now guys you see mycomputer software languages changed to German from English to German and AdobePremiere Pro CC 2019 you can change your software language and here you seeGerman language here and guys you can also change your software language inAdobe Creative Cloud apps as well you open Adobe Creative Cloud app and hereyou see these dotted icons you just select here and go to preference andunder the preference you select beauty cloud and here the app language youselect different languages from your country so you select it here anduninstall the application and reinstall again and select the language what youwant here from here so in this way you can easily change your language inPremiere Pro CC 2019 so now guys again I just she control at 12:00 to change mysoftware language to debug database view and here under theapplication language I'm going to change my language to for exampleBrazilian to PT underscore be our Brazilian and same process you justclose this console and we start so your software automatically update from thisBrazilian language and for French so FR underscore upon capital so by defaultI'm I select English so I'm just going to switch to English language and closethis console and restart my software guys if you liked my video hit the likebutton and don't forget to subscribe my youtube channel digital creations keepwatching the little creations.