Today we’re going to taking about how to change Japanese Language to English setting on Japanese car Navigation / Audio system.

Most of people don’t know how to do it because everything appears in Japanese language.

Then I’ll explain very easy method.

You need only your smart phone with google translator app.

First you need install Japanese language to your google translator app.

Then open your Google translator app and turn on its camera Point your phone camera at the screen then you see the Japanese text instantly changing to the English on your mobile screen.

Now you can understand meaning of the Japanese text on the Navigation / Audio system screen.

Ok let’s change the language on this car using this method.

Press menu button.

Press setting icon on right side.

Press continue setting button.

I can see Language setting button in third raw.

Press it.

Select English After conform it, system will reboot and you can see settings in English.

This process can be changed based on the car models and setup models.

But you can use same method to understand settings on your car.

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