In this tutorial, let's learn how we can changethe language of Windows in our computer.

For this, go to "Control Panel'click on Start menu and.

then click on Control Panel.

And then select "Clock, Language and Region" And then click on "Region and Language"in this new window, go to the third tab:"Keyboard and languages" Now, here is the option of changing displaylanguage.

If you hadn't installed any display languagebefore, you have to install them now.

So, click on "Install/unistall display languages"and then on "Install display languages" then click on " Launch Windows Update"Now, windows is checking for the available updates.

This may take some more time, so please wait.


after completion of this checking ,you can see the available updates, and then you select the language you want from thelist of languages available with Windows.

There is another way to download this displaylanguage: Open your browser,and then go to this website of Microsoft.

You can copy its link from the descriptionof this video below.

and then choose your version, Windows 7here are the list of languages available with Windows.

For example, if you want Afrikans then click on "Get it now"please open the file after the completion of the downloading.

And then click run and install this additional software in your system.


now we are installing it.

this maytake some more time.

so, please wait patiently.

And then after the completion of installation, once again, go to the language section.

Andclick on Keyboard and Language.

Now, you can see here the options to selectyour display language.

as I had installed Arabic language, I canselect Arabic.

after selecting the language you want,click on 'Apply'.

Then you will be asked to log off your systemnow.

click on Log off now.


after logging on once again,the language of our system has been changed to Arabic.

As I had selected Arabic as my display language.

All the menus and instructions will appearnow on wards in Arabic or the language you select.

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