step one of building a six-figure onlinebusiness complained to yourself your friends and your family that you're notearning the income you want and that you rightfully deserve step 2 tell yourselfto shut up and start researching how to start your business come up with a fewideas that you think could be profitable and roll with itstep 3 forget all of that and just think about coaching if you can coach someoneelse you can charge them a thousand dollars an hourcharging such a premium ensures that your potential customers know that yourservices are premium in high demand and extremely worthwhile now what are yougoing to do for coaching well that's easy you're gonna coach people on how tostart an online business for six figures income step fourobviously you have to promote your business somehow which reminds me thefirst link in the description below will allow you to sign up for my course onhow to go through all these steps super efficiently and it's all for the lowcost of less than $50 how's that for a price and that's itsimple and easy now you have all the knowledge you need in order to make asix-figure online business income stuff and get on your way to earning millionsof monies hope you learn something good luck and see you soonand by the way this is totally a joke.