This is a nonfiction book I'vewritten.

The only non-fiction book, actually.


So myself andmy co-author David Wake, we wanted to put out a guide to doing this, so that youcould just go through this book and at the end of it you would have an e-book,you would have a paperback book, if you want to do that as well, and you'd be distributed globally and the main thing we wanted to do was to avoid these kindof publishing scams, because the mainstream media is telling you that publishing is really, really expensive to do and it's not.

It's a lie.

It's free, mostly.

So the idea behind Punk Publishing.

It takes time, not money.

The idea behind Punk Publishing was that it was kind of a bit like being in a punk band: you learn three chordsand you've got a band and that's it.

So we have a kind of three-chord structure with this every stage of producing a book is delivered in three chords: A, B and C.

And it's all FREE.

We take you from usingWord as your template to produce a paperback book and how you can, at theclick of a button, and it's so easy and it takes five minutes to do, to turn thatWord document into an e-book and you're on Amazon and then you're distributed globally.

Or you go through a company called Draft2Digital and you upload your Word document and it turns it into an e-bookfor you and then says, 'Do you want to distribute it to Apple iBooks and Barnesand Noble and and all of these other global bookstores?' And then there's Createspace, which is something different.

That's to make your paperback copy of that.

Draft2Digital will actually say, 'We'll do the paperback for you as well,' and sodoes Amazon now as well.

You upload to KDP Kindle Direct Publishing, and it says, 'Here's your eBook, do you want to turn it into a paperback as well?' So you can doit many ways.

So this book takes you through the entire process, I think in great detail.

We gave it to a writer friend of ours whose children's book was in limbo because this company that she'd paid a lot of money to had basically screwed it up, so it was stillborn.

So we gave her this to beta-read.

What she did was – we didn't know she was gonna do this – she just applied it over a weekend and got her book back and at the end of the weekend she was a published author.

She was in Amazon, she'd done the paperback.

It's a children's book, so her kids took the paperback into school the next week.

She was now an author and she just read our book over a weekend and just went through it.

So we kind of know it works, which is really interesting.

So yeah, I'm gonna tell you to buy the book, if you really want to know how to do it!.