A lot of people say that the Justice has been going strong because she's been training with me.

Am I making her live longer? I'd like to say that I like to increase her quality of life.

What I like to do with all my clientsis have them warm up for at least five minutes.

A lot of people ask me, 'How did thishappen? How did this all get started?' And I have to really go way back to my grandmother.

My grandmother was deaf.

But she never knew sign language.

And so me being five, six years old growing up with my grandmother, I learned how to communicate with her by way of mimic.

My grandmother taught me that intercommunication.

And from that inner communication, it helped me to develop, to be able to be in tune and be in touch with people.

Normally I don't toss it back to the Justice.

But you? I was thinking about investments and working out and how they both went hand in hand.

There are good investments and there are bad investments.

There are good workouts and there's bad workouts.

The more consistently you invest, the better you become at investing.

The more consistently that you work out, the better you become at working out.

The better you become at knowing your body.

You've got to have a balance between internal communication and external communication.

That balance right there will help you to get right, in order for you to do right, in whatever it is that you want to do.

We talk about the justice a lot and we talk about how she calls me.

In order for her to do right – and you know she's done a lot of good things – but in order for her to do right, she has to get get right.

10 times.

This is a version of thepistol squat.


I have her do this.

So when you look at the Justice, you think about the law.

And you think about ehh – she's untouchable.

But now you think about the exercise.

Here's the funny thing about exercise.

It doesn't matter your race, religion, color, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, rich, poor, liberal, conservative, independent.

It doesn't matter.

In order to do the plank, the crunch, the exercise.

You have to do it.