– So you were involved in an auto accident or other personal injury matter and you went to a chiropractor.

Well, check out this video to learn how personal injury attorneys andchiropractors work together.

And also watch out foran important point on watch you should do every time before you go see a chiropractor.

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So, as a personal injury attorney, I found that the vastmajority of my clients, after auto accidents,go to see chiropractors.

As such, I'm here inNorthbrook, Illinois today with Dr.

Gregg Gerstin ofthe Align Wellness Center.

And we want him to explain to us some of the commoninjuries that people suffer after an auto accident.

Gregg, can you help us out? – Yeah, Barry, definitely.

And thank you for havingme on your channel.

You know, we've workedwith car accident cases for over ten years and helping them to getback to where they were before the accident.

Some of the common thingsthat people have problems with wind up being headaches and neck pain.

They wind up having difficulty with stress across their shoulders, sprainsand strains in their neck.

They can have numbness andtingling down their arms as well as in their lowerback and down their legs.

Some of the really keyand important things in regards to these cases is to make sure that the right diagnostic tests have been done as well as the right diagnosishave been come up with to attach to the injury the right names so that when they needto be taken care of, and when they need to be corrected, the right care is providedfor the right period of time, as well as they can windup being taken care of by the work that you do.

– So Doctor, tell us about some of the kindof common treatments that you provide to clientsafter auto accidents.

– In our office, we take everycase as an individual person to figure out what's gone onand where they need to go.

So, in our office, we usethings like massage therapy, physiotherapies likeelectric stim and ice, as well as stretching andneuromuscular re-education.

We use a chiropracticadjustment as one of the tools to help restore proper motion and take pressure off the nerve to get patients feeling better.

And in our office, we specialize in a spinal remodeling process.

If any of the normal spinalcurves have been lost, we can help them regain them.

– So, one of the questionspeople always ask me after an auto accident is how long should they treat for? That's a question I really can't answer.

I always leave that to themedical professionals to decide.

The one thing that I can tell you is I always tell my clients focus on your health, not your case.

In twelve months, if you'restill having neck and head pain after an accident, all the money in the worldis not going to help you.

So Doctor, how long do youusually see people treat for after an accident like that? – You know, I wish I couldtell you exact time frame.

And that's a big challenge in health care.

With motor vehicle crashes,car accidents, and traumas, everyone's different.

How everyone comes to the crash, trauma, or accident is different.

We take a individualizedapproach to wind up figuring out where someone is, what's goneon, what damage has occurred to develop a plan to take them forward.

They key is to work on findingthe causes of the problem, correcting them so that, one, they start to feel better and two, they start to work better andget back to all the activities of their life that they may have lost.

– So, one of the important things about getting youcompensated for your injuries after an auto accident is having the proper diagnosis.

That involves things like ICD codes, but we're not going to talkabout those things today.

But I would like to ask Dr.

Gerstin, what have you seen interms of diagnosis issues and getting your clients reimbursed for their medical expenses? – Well, one of the biggestkeys and important factors towards your supporting thecare that needs to be received is that you work withsomeone who has experience in working with people whohave been in car crashes.

Now, it's important foryou to see your physicians and to work with your physicians, whether it's your primaryor an orthopedist.

But it's also importantto work with someone who has expertise in managing crash cases.

And now all primary carephysicians focus on it, thank goodness.

We need a lot of them to really be focusing on lifestyle medicine, which they're outstanding at, and managing your day to day health.

This is a unique pieceof health care that, if not taken care of, can cause long termproblems and disability.

– Now, in terms of seeinga primary care physican, they're still reallycritical to the process.

One thing that I'veheard over and over again from auto insurance companiesis that they like to see that the accident victim went totheir primary care physician before they sought alternative treatment.

So I still suggest that people go to your primary care physician.

And then after that, thengo to your chiropractor, or whatever kind of medicalcare that you need, is.

So, the last thing thatI want to talk about is something called gap in treatment.

It's something that insurancecompanies capatalize all the time to try and deny your recovery for your medical bills andyour pain and suffering.

How does gap in treatment work out in terms of your part of this area? – Well, what I've found in practice is that when someone has an injury, the sooner that we canassess what's going on and start to help themon a road to recovery, the better and quickerthe recovery happens.

So, we look for patientsto come as soon as they can to wind up getting check to determine what needs to be done.

One of the great things aboutworking with a chiropractor like our office is that, in most cases,we have availabilities within a day or two for someoneto get that process started.

– Dr.

Gregg, thank you very much for allowing us to film here today and joining us on our YouTube channel.

– Thanks for having me.

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