Hey guys Alex Ryan here coming to youfrom beautiful Shanghai a common question I get often asked is how muchmoney can you make in an Amazon business or an importing business can you reallymake a lot of money and the question really comes down to your product thatyou're importing or the product that you're selling on Amazon and the volumeyou're doing obviously and the margins involved so if you're if you're lookingto make a lot of money with with Amazon it's a over 100k a year right so abovethe the average the average income right hundred K what profit margin the safeexample you're selling dog squeaky toys and the profit margin in that yearslet's say ten bucks right you have to sell a heck of a lot of squeaky toys toturn over 100k so to give you a bit of a bit of food for thoughtif you're wanting to make a lot of money on Amazon and a lot of money areimporting or Shopify or dropshipping you your product that you decide to sellit's got to have a really good margin and otherwise it's not really worth yourtrouble because you also got to consider other things things like things likeadvertising costs right shipping costs maybe advertise your marketing costs 4mrfor Amazon right photography costs right so if you're not gonna do your ownphotography you've got to keep that in mind as well right there's a lot ofthings you got to consider so in determining how much money you canmake an amazon comes down to a few things first of all your product themargin and evolve me you you're going to do and whether or not the most importantthing is whether or not you can scale up that business right because if you dowant to scout that business up with on Amazon or Shopify you got to spend alotta money on our advertising guys you really do and on sponsored listings aswell right on eBay and Amazon you can pay a littlebit extra a little bit extra money to put you up there right but you gotta payfor that right so you got to keep that in mind on scaling up the business rightbecause that's how you really make a lot of money you got to scale up thebusiness and you got to spend a lot of money on advertising alright guys hopeyou enjoyed today's video if you would like two more strategies on gettingstarted with importing or Amazon or maybe your product ideas maybe you wantto start importing or selling on Amazon be not too sure what productsparticularly to sell then do hit me up share this video comment on this videobelow and I do these videos for you guys and I share in a little nuggets ofwisdom and if you like more strategies please comment below please share thisvideo visit my website as well I've got a free video program on my website aswell getting giving you some great strategies to getting started choosinghot products finding suppliers in China making sure you're not going to getscanned and a whole bunch more have yourself a fantastic day guys is greattalking to you thank you for joining me and I talk to you real soon see later.