How Much Do I Have to Pay a Personal InjuryLawyer? Getting injured is usually a very traumaticand costly event.

In addition to suffering from the injuriesthemselves, which can be devastating, you may need to undergo extensive and costly medicaltreatment, even surgery, followed by a long recovery process.

The bills can add up quickly, especially ifyou are unable to return to your usual employment to earn a living while you’re recovering.

So, like most people who are injured in anaccident, you’re probably thinking about hiring a personal injury lawyer to get yourbills paid and to receive the financial compensation for your injuries, including your pain andsuffering, disability, disfigurement, medical expenses and lost earnings from work.

But given that you may already be in a toughfinancial situation, you may also be wondering: How much do I have to pay in order to HIREa good personal injury lawyer? Well, the answer will come as a welcome surpriseto you: You don’t have to pay a dime to hire Chicago’s largest injury and workerscompensation law firm.

You can retain GWC right now, and we willwait to receive our agreed upon share of any personal injury or WC case that we work onuntil YOU get paid.

That’s right, we won’t get paid unlessand until YOU get paid.

And in the meantime, put Chicago’s largestinjury and WC firm to work for you and your family without paying a dime.

Unlike other practitioners in the legal profession,who bill you by the hour, our law firm works on injury related cases on what is calleda “contingency fee basis.

” As a result, there is no cost to you up front.

We work without being paid.

We hire the finest, most competent experts.

We work up our cases to hopefully leave nostone unturned.

And then ONLY WHEN WE PREVAIL, and the checkis delivered from the responsible insurance carrier, do we get paid our attorneys’ feesand get reimburse our reasonable expenses.

This partnership gives us a worthy incentiveto maximize the amount of your settlement because the more you get paid….

the moreWE get paid.

It is a mutually beneficial arrangement thatremoves the upfront worries and stress for the client, and creates a true partnershipbetween client and firm.

As Illinois’ largest Personal Injury andWorkers’ Compensation, GWC has successfully recovered more than $2 BILLION for our clientsover the years.

Our lawyers have the experience and the determinationto fight for the justice that you need and deserve.

So if you or your loved one has been injured,contact our office today for a free legal consultation.

And remember, at GWC, WE never get paid unlessand until YOU get paid.

GWC…Justice Starts Today!.