We are here in Laguna AmoreVlogs will visit her lot (land) She will buy some Yema Cake from Rodillas Bakeshop we are waiting for someone to pick us up amorevlogs: i am very happy guys i met new friends.

we are blessed with good friends Lord God removed some friends that is not appropriate for us.

amorevlogs: we went to tanay rizal by scooter only we had a long drive there.

accidents happened there, including us we are invloved in an accident here in Tanay Rizal, we never knew it will happen to us near Mt.

Tarangka at Sierra Madre we never expect that this will happen to us for the very first time the accident occured to us rescuer: i am just gonna take your blood pressure we are very lucky.

rescued, now inside the ambulance.

we will not forget the tragic accident in Tanay maybe, we will just prefer car for transportation Madam: you are just looking for death in riding a motorcycle Aida: if you are just not lazy.

you will not get hungry.

Madam: did you see that kind of flower?! that flower is very expensive in London amorevlogs: how much is that? Madam: that tree-like branch worth is.



99 pounds in London Aida: they are selling that in London? while here, that flower is common to us.

amorevlogs: look Aida we are in youtube.

hehe welcome to Pinoydaddy we are going to Taytay Falls.

Aida: look at this couple, wherever they go, they vlog their journey Madam: that is good, even you pass by the area, you have the chance to appreciate it.

Amorevlogs: this is Aida we are the sellers of property of Madam, haha we are not going to sleep anymore.

we need to sell all properties of madam.

madam: we are just passing thru I am serious guys.

if there is someone looking for properties, commercial properties in victoria laguna just contact pinoydaddy and.

amorevlogs i wll give all the details regarding this lot guys, that lot is so promising.

along the road, ideal for.

puregold, establishments like.

jollibee and kfc and it can be for warehouse.

it is better to invest in properties.

because land will appreciates its value wow.

it's cute pinoydaddy: look, a horseman we are here now in Majayjay Laguna haha we are in a parking area amorevlogs: majayjay guys.

hehehe hey, that's beautiful.

amorevlogs: what? pinoydaddy: that doggie amorevlogs: it's cute.

that dog adapts already in hot environment amorevlogs: cute, they have souevenirs.

madam: later we will go there pinoydaddy: do i have to buy bottled water? amorevlogs: yes can i buy some bottled water? how much is the big one? seller: that is 40php okay, i want that worth 40php seller: thanks pinoydaddy: thank you too.

stranger (telling a joke) hahaha aida: have you been there? pinoydaddy: not so often, but our friend did went here madam: that food is delicious madam: what's that violet in color? vendor: that is a puto pao(rice-cake) madam: i don't like that.

what do you want? pinoydaddy: yes, i like some buche, 2pcs please.

madam: here it is.

pinoydaddy: thanks aida: don't worry madam, i will buy my own amorevlogs: i love this pilipit(food) pinoydaddy: that is common meryenda(snack) here in Laguna or Quezon aida: what's this, buche(food) of chowking? hahaha this is the buche, madam bought for us amorevlogs: delicious warning: it is prohibited to throw garbage at the park they are protecting the rainforest here.

watch your steps i remember there is a water flowing besides the pathway hold on the railings.

madam: just follow us pinoydaddy: okay madam the last time I was here, there is a water here madam: water flow is kinda near, just a few steps away.

pinoydaddy: water flow here is inverted flow of water is going upwards.

while we go down.

amorevlogs: here we will discover the mystery of this water flow guys hahaha pinoydaddy: do you hear that? amorevlogs: whistling of waterflow?! pinoydaddy: no, the rushing sounds of water amorevlogs: i would like to thank madam for having a chance to own my lot(land) aida: hey, if your uncle sees this, probably he will request it to go here pinoydaddy: you are right.

these are the oldest trees.

we must take care of them.

pinoydaddy: the sounds of the birds are astounding.

did you hear that? pinoydaddy here.

can you see my surroundings? can you hear the birds chirping? birds chirping.

And the rushing sounds of water amazing sounds of birds.

very shocking.

just plain nature environment here.

(feeling the cool breeze) Taytay falls is also known as.

Imelda falls to promote tourism Marcos did a great job here.

look at that big vine.

it has water inside you can survive here, just punch a hole in.

to drink from it.

amorevlogs: nature is very great you can drink water from the vine.

amorevlogs: just pray and believe.

and all are dreams will come true amen Majayjay.

Taytay falls amorvlogs: I am taking a shot, and found out my phone is in video mode let us turn around.