Hi ya! It's Lucy and normally you see mewith a pretty pink backdrop and lots of branding but actually today, as for thelast six months or so, we have been renovating our house and so again we'rehaving to pack up everything, so I've kind of put everything into the spareroom so it's completely crazy.

All the furniture as you can see behindme and it's just oh! It's so much going on.

Lots of craziness.

We're doing thefloor downstairs and it means that this is almost like the end of, we broken itabsences stages and this is the end of stage one, but it still feels reallypainful.

There's still masses to do but I just wanted to share that you know,sometimes life isn't perfect and sometimes you know even when you've gotmakeup on or whatever, some red lipstick, actually it's it's a bit crazy and soyou know, we have been kind of living this way for the last six months we hadto move out into an Airbnb and we thought we'd be in the Airbnb just afew, we just thought we'd be there a few weeks but anyway ended up being muchmuch longer.

We had a bit of a crazy Airbnb and with a crazy lady, so we had tomove to another Airbnb, so it's been like non-stop and of course this isdoing it with like a three-year-old in tow and and just trying to juggle thebuilders and everything else.

Whenever I've done house renovationbefore, I've always done it.

Ohh I'm juggling everything everywhere.

I've always done it that it's it's about other houses that I'm not living it andthis was the first time that I've actually done a house where I'm livingin it too and so that's why it's been so much more chaotic that's why it'sbeen so much more difficult to do.

And I definitely say if you are thinking aboutrenovating your house, be in a space where you can kind of block off a littlebit to keep your sanity and your identity, so you know, I'm an introvertbut I love and I'm a real homebody so make sure that your home stays yourcastle, stays the thing that you love rather than it being completely chaotic.

I just begged my husband earlier but I was to get out of bed.

I was literallyhaving to sort of climb to the end of the bed and leap over the railings andso actually we've just moved things around and it's just were able to moveand function because if you'd have seen us four hours ago, three hours ago, itwould have been like completely like the floor, the ceiling, everything everywhereand just by doing this, even though everything is upstairs, the downstairs, thehouse is upstairs, I just feel so much saner.

It is definitely not you know, howmy house normally looks by any stretch because I'm quite house proud, but it isit is really about keeping sane and you know just being out to, just being ableto function particularly when you work from home.

I can't stress it enough.

I am definitely of the belief that I cannot concentrate if the house is messy.

I know and I have friends and colleagues and clients who have really insanelymessy houses and they seem to function.

I cannot.

I have to be like tidy and I knowI've talked to other people about it as well.

So, what I really try to do normallyis to have a cleaner in, so they get it tidy and then I just can focus and andit's a better use of my time.

But today it definitely was sending myanxiety level through the roof, so I really had to say you know what? I'mgonna stop working for two hours and just like sort out a bit because it'sjust too much.

But that is the benefit of working from home and running your ownbusiness because you get to choose your hours.

Okay, I hope this video has been alittle bit different but it gives a little bit of insight to life isn't always perfect.

Life is often crazy and chaotic and and you know,what we always see isn't always the case and here we go, here is to my crazy, chaoticlife at the moment.

I would do another vlog once thedownstairs is done and you can see it properly.

Okay, bye bye bye.

Thank you somuch for watching!.