What is clickfunnels? I'm going toexplain to you exactly what clickfunnels is in this video.

Now, we're actuallygoing to go through a little demonstration on my handy-dandy computer here.

And I'mgoing to show you how you can build a funnel and use clickfunnels effectivelyto create an online business.

Click funnels.

What is click funnels? Clickfunnels is a WYSIWYG site builder.

Okay? What does that mean to you? That'sactually the category of what it would be called.

WYSIWYG is an acronym.

What YouSee Is What You Get.

What you see is what you get.

And that means you can buildwebsites with it.

Site builders.

So, that you don't have to be technical.

You don'thave to know a line of programming.

You don't have to know any languages.

HTML,CSS, PHP, JS, Swift, whatever.

You don't need to know any of those otherlanguages.

And you can literally just design sites based on you what you see.

Which is great.

And it's a very valuable tool.

It's one I use almost every singleday in my business.

My business runs off of clickfunnels.

I was actually just afew days ago at the funnel hacking conference with Russell Brunson.

–Thefounder of it.

And I use click funnels.

And so do 75,000 other entrepreneurs areusing click funnels to build and host their websites.

Great tool.

So, let me giveyou an idea of how click funnels works.

So, the way it works is you design whatare called funnels.

And what a funnel is is a funnel is basically a sales messageor a marketing message.

So, I'll design a funnel right here.

So, let's say I want tohelp people lose weight.

My ultimate goal is to sell a weight loss product.

I wantpeople to buy this E-book I have on how to lose weight.

It's called the Cretanidiet, okay? And I have a book about why the Crestani diet is so good.

So, I have abook.

Okay? And we'll call this the offer.

And this is the Crestani Diet.

And it's$19 for the Crestani Diet.

Now, to get people to buy the CrestaniDiet, I can't simply go to Facebook and say hey I have this book for $19.

Youwant to buy it? Because people need to be convinced why the Crestani diet is sogood in the first place.

Just taking a book Crestani diet, it doesn't sellitself.

Nothing sells itself.

There was never an instance where a man walks intoa bar and suddenly 10 women were asking him to go on a date.

Unless you're BradPitt.

That doesn't happen, okay? But you have to sell yourself almost in any case.

So, in order to sell this Crestani diet, I'm going to start with a bribe.

Okay? I'mgoing to start with, let's call it an opt-in page.

And I'm going to write something alongthe lines of enter your email and find out the 7 foods that are most oftengenetically modified and why they're making you fat? Okay? So, it's somethinglike this, you know? We're having them enter their email and 7 foods.

Because people want to get the free report on the seven foods that aregenetically modified most often.

And why those make you fat.

After people entertheir email, we might send them to a page that says that is a video message.

Thatsays how you can fix your diet.

Okay? And this is our VSL.

Then we'll give them avideo.

We'll say, "Here the 7 foods and here's how to identify them and here'show to eat better.

" And after people learn about those 7 foods that make themfat, then we'll say, "The way to eat better is the Crestani Diet.

And we have atwenty dollar book which will show you everything about how to look your best.

"Right? We had a hook.

We got them enter theiremail, we deliver on the hook.

We tell them the 7 foods that are makingthem fat.

Then we tell them how to get skinny for $20.

Okay, so thatwould be a funnel.

Let's go on click funnels and actually design it.

Let's putit into action and I'll show you how to actually use it.

So, here we are on ClickFunnels.

And ClickFunnels, it's an online software.

It's run by this guy.


And this is one of his partners.

So, these 2 guys run click funnels.

Andas you see, ClickFunnels gives you everything you need to market sell anddeliver your products and services online.

It's a great, great program.

Now, you can get started with a 14-day free trialthrough.

There should be a link in the description.

If you want to get startedbuilding your own ClickFunnels.

So, look in the description of my YouTube videoand I'll link you to this page to get start on a free trial to see what it'sabout.

Keep watching because I'm going to show you how to use it in this video.

So,what it helps you do is, you know, talks generate leads, sell products or in awebinar.

All the online marketing stuff.

It's basically marketing without havingto know any technical skills.

Let's get off of this.

Now, when we go inside ClickFunnels, the way click funnels actually works after 14 days, its $97 a month.

You're running a business, it's basically the foundation of what you'll need torun an online business.

But let's actually start.

Now to start using ClickFunnels: When you log in, they have all these advertisements.

They call theirtribe funnel hackers.

One funnel way challenge, etc.

But we'll go up here whereit says ClickFunnels and where it says Funnels.

This is the main area.

And whatwe'll do, we will go, as you see, I'm on the more expensive plan.

This is theirtop plan, it's $300 a month.

If we want to get started, we'llclick Add New Funnel.

So, as you see, I have a lot of funnels in here.

But we'llcreate a new one.

So, I'm just going to say.

I'm going to click this side on the rightbecause you don't have to pay any money.

You know, they'll try to like sell youfunnels here.

But you can just click create new funnel.

We're going to collect anemail first.

So see, you could say sell your product, host a webinar.

We're justgoing to say Collect Emails.

We'll say, "Demo Diet.

Email Opt-in.

" Okay.

So, I named it.

Iclick Build Funnel.

So, here we go and we can select a couple different templateshere.

You see there's a bunch of different templates.

And let's say.

I don't know.

This one looks pretty good.

Mother Funnel Squeeze page.

So, let's clickSelect Template right there.

So, see it's creating our page and what we will do iswe will click this button which says, Edit Page.

And to start editing it.

So, Iclicked edit and here we go.

So now, the way click funnels works is you justclick on something and you edit it.

I'll say discover the "7 GeneticallyModified Foods You're Eating That Make You Fat.

And How You Can Avoid Them.

"Great! And it says grab my free report and it will just.

See, we justclick on it.

All we're doing is clicking on it and I'm just gonna edit the text.

See, it's just like using a word processor.

So, I'm just going to clickhere.

I'm going to click delete and I'm going to say, "Enter Your Email to get thefree report immediately.

" Okay? Send it to me now.

We can delete these other sections.

See, we can just highlight over them.

And seethey kind of highlight them in green and what we're going to do is we're going to clickthat little trashcan icon.

We're going to click delete.

We're going to click deleteand we're going to click delete.

And it says, "In this video you are going to discoveramazing weight loss secrets hidden until now.

" And we're going to say, you know, "In this video to you're going to discover what foods are genetically modified.

How to identifythem and how to avoid them.

" Now, we have our page and we're just going to click Save.

Right there.

Click Save and boom.

We have the first page of our funnel.

Pretty cool.

Right? Okay, let's go on next.

So, I'm going to click exit right there.

Now, the nextthing I'm going to do is I want to go into a video sales letter type page.

Because we need to sell people on why they need to, you know, we need to deliveron our promise and show them how we actually helped them lose weight.

So, whatI'm going to do is I'm going to highlight this and I'm going to click this X icon rightthere because I'm going to get rid of this Thank You page.


Then I'm going toclick add new step right here.

You see that? Add new step.

Then I'm going to say VSL.

Because it's a video.

VSL stands for Video Sales Letter.

And then I'm going tocome up here.

And see, they have different sections for the funnels.

If you seewhere my mouse is.

So, they have all these different sections.

Now, what we're I'minterested is in sales right there.

So, I'm going to clicksails and it says Sales Page.

So, I'm going to select sales page right there.

Andwe're going tO select a template with a VSL.

So, it just says VSL traditional.

I'mgoing to select.

Say, Select Template.

And boom! Then I have a VSL.

And then I wouldwrite in that VSL.

I'm not going to go to the extent of shooting a video and allthat stuff.

Add a new step.

And then I'll name thisthe order form.

And this will be where they can actually buy my product.

That'sthe order form where they can buy my Ebook that I've sold them in that VSL.

–That video message.

So, it says submitting and we'll wait for it.

And here's whereI'll get into an actual order form.

So, we can see opt-in sales and we see orderform.

See, right under sales, there's an order form type page.

And we'll clickthat.

And now, it will show us order form templates.

Let's select this template.

Mother funnel webinar.

Okay? Select.

It's building our funnel.

And let's see this.

Now, we have a page which we could change.

And again, to change that page, all wehave to do is click edit page and we have to select the text that we want toedit.

And we have to change it around and we can change the price to $19 and allthat jazz.

Now, once we've actually created our funnel.

Selling whateverimaginary product we're doing or with whatever purpose is.

Collecting emails sowe could mark it to people.

The next step after that is we have tointegrate it.

So, in this case, we're collecting people's emails.

So, this iswhere it gets a little bit complicated.

I personally in my business, I advocatepeople don't collect emails.

I tell people to do affiliate marketing.

Anddon't worry about collecting emails.

Because it starts getting a little bitmore complicated when you have to integrate all these different things.

Irecommend people use ClickFunnels but don't mess with any of the integrations.

If you subscribe to my channel, you'll get the free course in affiliatemarketing on my channel page.

Now, to integrate it, I'm just going to show youreal quickly.

Integrating things, you'd go back to edit page.

And what you would do,you'd go to settings and you'd go to integrations right here.

And this is where you would handle the integrations with your email.

So, youclick integrations and then you would select whatever autoresponder it isyou're using.

Now, you might have to ride into support, you might have to ride intothings to actually figure out how to integrate it.

That'll be in there help.

That's beyond the scope of this video.

And you can go into the ClickFunnelshelp desk to learn how to do this.

But basically, you would link up one of yourprograms whether it's MailChimp or Aweber or whatever that handles youremail.

And then you'd integrate it.

Just like you know, add to list and you know,John Crestani or whatever.

Select a couple things like that.

It's not too complicated.

But again, I'm not going to go into the specifics ofhow you do integrations.

That information is on ClickFunnels.

Now after you buildyour ClickFunnels, you would exit.

And all you would have to do is simply youhave your URL and you would take your URL and share it with people so thatthey could go visit the site as well.

So, what I'll do is I'll just click copy.

AndI could share that URL with anybody on the internet.

And as you'll see, it'llload up and it will show my website.

Discover the 7 genetically modifiedfoods you're eating that make you fat and how you can avoid them.

And I can usethat to get people on my email list to sell my Ebook to do whatever I want, verysimply.

It's not complicated.

What's amazing is that we all have this power.

This is a 24/7, living, breathing salesperson for you.

That's what awebsite is.

It's a 24/7, living, breathing salesperson that can sell anything youwant.

And you have the power to do this.

You have a 14-day free trial.

Again,there's a link in the description.

This is the best time in history to start abusiness.

You don't have to be behind the wheels.

You can start a business soeasily selling products.

This is what I do.

This what I do every day.

And mywebsites just sell products for me while I kind of, I don't know, mess around andyou know, think I'm cool soccer player and mess up my knee or try to bea funny dad.

Boom! Mindgasm.

I hope you learned how to use ClickFunnels and whatit is.

That was a long explanation.

But I hopethat gives you an overview of how you can use ClickFunnels in your business.

Ireally encourage you sign up for the free trial.

Get started.

If you're usinganything else to run or host website, get ClickFunnels.

If you don't have a websiteto sell products, probably a good idea for most things you want to doto have a website.

Still get Click Funnels.

It's great.

I use it every day.

It'sgot an amazing community amazing support.

And I hope you enjoyed this explanation.

Now, if you want my free course on affiliate marketing, subscribe to mychannel.

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