Hi, Byron Alfred here at VB Attorneys.

At VB Attorneys we represent people who have suffered injuries and death due to another person or corporation’s negligent acts.

This means we represent people who have been in wrecks with 18 wheelers and other vehicles on the road.

We also represent people who have been hurt or killed at work.

Our firm has recovered 100s of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Year after year, our team of attorneys receive national recognition due to our case results.

Our case results are based on this simple truth: In every case, we relentlessly pursue the best possible result for our clients.

When we take a case, we find out what really happened.

In car wreck cases, we don’t simply rely on police reports because we know that officers are busy and oftentimes, they're unable to speak to everyone who might have relevant information about the wreck.

In work injury cases, we don’t solely rely on company incident reports because we know that some companies are more concerned about avoiding responsibility for the incident than they are about finding out what caused the incident.

Jury trials are won long before a case ever sees a courtroom.

We win our clients’ cases in discovery.

We win cases because we work with the best experts.

We win because we have the resources to pursue cases against major corporations and insurance companies who hire teams of attorneys to fight our clients at every turn.

Give us a call at 877-724-7800.

Again, that's 877-724-7800.

We look forward to helping you.