– How would you like to make $1,000 or more from one single sale? Just one single sale aday, and you're bringing in $1,000 daily, that's $365,000 a year.

That's life-changing typemoney for most people.

It's a pretty sweet deal,and it's totally possible with high ticket affiliate marketing.

And it's a big part of howwe were recently able to buy our dream home on the waterdown here in the Sunshine State.

Hey, it's LeahRae from ToddAndLeahRae.


And in this video I'm going to teach you exactly what you needto do to be successful with high ticket affiliate marketing so that you can make $1000 a day or more.

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Now, let's break down highticket affiliate marketing.

So, why affiliate marketing in particular? Why not just sell things at a high price? Why not look for other high ticket offers that aren't necessary affiliate marketing? Well, because in today's dayand age affiliate marketing is one of the most hands-offbusiness models available, if you find the right program.

When you're doing affiliate marketing you're simply referringpeople, potential customers, to make a purchase from somebody else.

And you get a cut of the commissions.

This is totally hands-off.

You are just responsible for making that introduction ifyou have a good program.

And the company itself has to deal with all the customer service and fulfillment of that order, leaving you free to drive more traffic, introduce more people to it, or just live the lifestylethat you're looking to live.

So affiliate marketingis a great business model if you're not only lookingfor financial freedom, but you're looking fortime freedom as well.

So, why high ticket affiliate marketing? Well, let's break downsome numbers for you.

Let's say we take somethingthat's pretty average, okay? Not high ticket, but justan average affiliate offer, say $100 product, a digital product, which we always recommendbecause they have the highest percent commissions.

A digital product that goes for $100.

And maybe you're getting50% commissions on that.

Great, if you make two sales you're making $100, pretty nice.

Now let's compare that to low ticket because a lot of peoplewill think, well, hey, a lot more people are gonna buy something that's $10 than they're gonnabuy something that's $100.

Well, that's interesting, because if you sell two $10 products at 50% commissions you'reonly making 10 bucks.

Not gonna do much with 10 bucks.

So that means you have to make10 times the number of sales in example one to make thesame amount in example two.

That takes a lot more traffic.

The difference in amountof how many people are actually willing to purchasebased on that difference in price point isn't gonna make up for 10 times the amount of money.

But if we compare that to a high ticket offer it's even better.

Let's say you make twosales on a $2,000 product.

And this is really sort of the low end on a high affiliate programwould be about $2,000.

That's kind of the lower end for you.

But with just two sales,wouldn't you like to make $2,000? From two sales, $2,000, pretty nice.

That's the kind of thing you can look at when you're looking at highticket affiliate marketing.

Now, your success withhigh ticket commissions, which you're looking for, it really fits into two categories.

One, what you need to do, and two, what your program that you'reworking with needs to do.

Both you and the program haveto meet these requirements if you're going to succeedand have some good results.

If you're going to succeed you can get to $1,000 or more a day.

Now, there are three basic keys to what you're doing with high ticket affiliate commissions inorder to have success.

The first thing is that youwant to attract the right crowd.

The right crowd, peoplewho are actually willing to invest in their business or invest in whatever type of offerthat you're putting out there.

This means you don't wantto create a bunch of content on YouTube, your blogs, social media, whatever that speaks to the free crowd.

People who are looking toget something for nothing and never want to payanything to get results.

Those people are very unlikelyto actually go the distance and make the purchasesof a high ticket offer.

So you'd have to actuallygenerate a lot more traffic in order to compensatefor the lower percentage that are willing to makethat kind of purchase.

So you can add a little bit of that free stuff kind of content, but you're gonna have a lot more success if you're really focused onpeople who are ready to invest.

If that's the kind ofcontent you're providing you're reaching a more qualified audience who's more likely toactually make purchases, and more likely to have money, and be able to make high-end purchases.

Now, the second thing that you need to do, and you should do this in anytype of affiliate marketing, but it's really important for high ticket affiliate marketing, andthat is collect leads.

Yes, you could typically send people off to an affiliate linkwhere they're going right to the sales page for the program or the company thatyou're referring them to.

However, you want to collecttheir email address first.

This is what this looks like here.

You're giving away something for free that speaks to your targetaudience in exchange for their name and email address.

And from this you're ableto build an email list.

When you have an email listyou can continue to market to these people overtime, which is important because the higher pricepoint that you're asking them to purchase at the more warmingup that these people need.

People only buy from and join those they know, like, and trust.

So you want to communicatewith these people a lot, frankly, if you want themto make high-end purchases.

And you want to continueto give them value.

Send them your YouTube video, send them your blog post,whatever that you're doing to create content to drive traffic.

You want to continue togive value to your list, building up that know,like, and trust factor, so that they're ready to make that purchase if it's a good fit for them.

And the third thing is that you need to truly believe in the offer.

If you don't believe that it's worth every single red centthat you're asking people to spend you should not be promoting it.

You need to fully believethat it is worth it, that it truly serves your audience, that it's going to help your audience.

Because your audience is gonna feel it.

You're gonna be much more effective in promoting something thatyou actually believe in.

Plus, don't you really want to build a business out of integrity? When you build a businessfrom a standpoint of integrity you'regonna create loyal fans that actually buy thingsfrom you multiple times.

If you are just trying to make money, and you don't care what the offer is, and it's kind of junk, andyou just push people to it, do you think those people are gonna buy anything else from you in the future? Probably not, so don't burn those bridges.

Make sure that it is a reallygood offer that you believe in that you can definitelyput your name behind.

And that's gonna serve your audience.

Now, what does theprogram itself need to do? You really want to look for something that starts out offering somethingat a low-end price point, something from 10 bucks to50 bucks, something in there.

But something that has asmall commitment to get them in the door, so you're building up a pool of people who are willing to invest at least something into their business.

And then those people,those happy customers who want to take it furtherto want access to more value, your program should provide that value to them at higher price points.

This is what we would call a value ladder.

Maybe the front-end offer is low ticket.

It's maybe $10 just to get in the door.

They get lots of value, andthey like what they see.

And they want to take the next step.

They're made an offerto take the next step for maybe 100 bucks, 200bucks, something like that.

So you're going a stepup in the value ladder.

So not everybody that spent the $10 is going to go to the nextstep, but some of them will.

Then the people that have taken that next step, the $200 offer, well, maybe they're ready totake the next step again.

They want to go further, they see the value in what the next offer is.

That's maybe $2500 or something like that.

And people are willing to do that because they've loved whatthey've received so far, and they see the value inwhat they're going to get.

So, obviously, again, not everybody who did the $200 purchase is going to do the $2500 purchase, but some of them will.

So that's how a value ladder works.

And from 2500, then maybeit's 10,000, or 15,000, who knows, whateverthe program has set up.

But you want something thathas a good value ladder, that you can get people in the door, paying customers willing toinvest in their business.

And then they give great value to them, so they're willing to go thenext step and the next step, if it's a good fit for themand they see the value in it.

Now, the second thing thatthe program needs to do fits totally in withthat is that they need to over deliver on theirproducts, on their service.

Whatever they're offering people they really have to over deliver.

Because people who aregetting that $10 thing, if they don't thing the $10thing was really that good, do you think they'regonna spend any more money with the company, like$200, doing something else, if they're like, eh, it was so-so? No, (laughs) they're onlygonna take the next step if they're like, dang,that was really good.

I wonder how awesome it'sgonna be when I pay $200.

So the company has to bewilling to over deliver.

And just give tons and tons ofvalue in all of the products.

So you're always making happy customers that are willing to take a lookat least at that next step.

Now, the third thing thatthe affiliate program itself needs, it has toinclude great marketing.

Great marketing where the sales funnels and everything that they're doing, it really is really well-done marketing, where their conversion rates are well.

They're masters of copyrighting, they really know their trade,and can market effectively.

As someone who is pretty decent at marketing I'd definitelytake a close look at this.

And I can tell, when I see something, and I'm blown away by the level of the marketing that peaks my interest.

Because I know what goodmarketing looks like.

And most things arekind of so-so or decent.

But when something catches my eye as having fabulous marketing, wow, that's something that I haveto take a closer look at.

Because I know it's goingto convert, that people are going to make sales,or going to be interested in purchasing whatever the offer is.

So you want a programthat has great marketing.

Now, the fourth pointthat a company needs to do is they need to befocused on FTC compliance.

If you've been around at all, even just within the last year, there are some really big companies that offered high ticket products that have been shutdown by the FTC.

So this isn't something to take lightly.

You don't want to pour your heart and soul into promoting a program tohave it, poof, gone one day.

You want something that'sgonna be there long-term to serve you and to serve the people that you're bringing to the program.

So you have to see that they'renot just talking the talk, but they're walking the walk when it comes to FTC compliance.

So, what does that actually look like? Well, one of the things is that people should be promoting the offerfor the value of the offer, not for the opportunityof promoting the offer.

If it's just for the opportunity of promoting it, thenthe value isn't there.

And that's a big problem for the FTC.

Another thing to look foris that they are very strict on income claims, that people aren't able to just throw out income claims out there, and really make it look likeit's easy to make money.

Income claims are really going away.

It's something that'sfrowned upon by the FTC and will get the company reallyexamined under a microscope if people are throwing outall these crazy big numbers.

Another big no-no thatthe FTC is not happy with is high-pressure sales tactics.

The companies that have been shutdown were really pushy on pushing people to take out lines of creditand do different things to make purchases that theyreally couldn't afford.

And those customers really felt pressured.

That is not a good thing.

While they may get more sales from it, they're going to leave people not happy.

And if they're not happy they'regonna complain to the FTC.

And if they see high-pressure sales tactics that's a big red flag.

Another thing that the program has to be on top of is providing refunds.

They have to follow their refund policy and not jerk people around.

That is another reason the FTC shutdown the previous companies thathave been brought down.

Whatever the refund policyis they have to stick by it and really be liberal with it, so that they're not creating angry people who wish they hadn'tpurchased, unhappy customers that are creating all this chaos.

And, also, complaining to the FTC, and getting their attentionput on the program.

Now, I don't say this to scare you.

I say this because I want you to succeed because this opportunity is amazing.

But I want to set you upfor long-term success, not just quick wins,but long-term success.

Because it has done amazingthings for our business.

My husband and I areboth stay-at-home parents with our two young kids inour new home out on the water.

It's an awesome opportunitywhen you set yourself up for the long-term play,not just the quick money.

Now, to learn our #1 recommended program that checks all of these boxesthat I've listed up above, and is something we candefinitely put our name behind and stand behind, youwant to click the link at the top of thedescription to check it out.

Now, please know thatwe are rooting for you.

We are here to help youcreate the time freedom that you and your family deserve.

If you're new to the channel say hi, so we can welcome you to the community.

I'm LeahRae from ToddandLeahRae.


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