Edward Reyes, Vice President of VillaSportAthletic Club & Spa VillaSport is a subsidiary company of SyfeeEnterprises.

Syfee Enterprises owned and operated Century Theaters, a large movie theater exhibitionchain in the West Coast.

In 2006, we sold that company, and that’s when we actuallybegan the inception of VillaSport.

VillaSport operates two athletic clubs andspa and is looking to expand.

Our first club in Colorado Springs opened in December of2007, and our membership has tripled since the opening.

Our second club in The Woodlandswas opened in May of 2009 and has seen continuous growth in the membership.

Each location employsup to 250 employees per year.

Our facility is more than just your averageathletic club.

We offer state-of-the-art technology.

A lot of our cardio equipment has the personaltelevision screens on them.

Our facility has wireless access for our business consumers.

We offer over a hundred classes–cardio, spinning, yoga, kinesis–a kids’ club, a spa–allcontained within a 300-thousand square foot campus.

The building itself is up to 88-thousandsquare feet.

We provide everything that our members need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Spectrum NG became the choice of VillaSportbecause they had the widest selection of offerings in the club management industry.

My staffthat’s dedicated to the support of CSI is made up of an expert in the software who handlesall of our training.

We also have a software developer that creates reports, ad hoc reports,for us who really drives the analysis part of our company.

The Prospect Management module in CSI is usedto manage prospective members to our club.

Any leads from our website, any walk-ins ordrive-bys, or any people or persons that we send out mailers to that are interested injoining the club, we maintain in CSI through their Prospect Management module.

The Contract Module in CSI allows us to electronicallycapture a new members’ registrations, all electronically.

No pen and paper for contractsignature.

It’s all done online, electronically on a VeriFone signature capture device.

That’sone of the coolest features that I don’t think any other software providers in thisindustry have done.

The Check In module is the module that isused when members come into the club.

And they swipe their cards, and their time anddate are checked in to the computer system.

That really provides our analysis departmentwith a lot of information in terms of how frequent our members are coming to the club,which in turn, helps out our budgeting and payroll process to know how much staff weshould have on hand during those times–during our peak times, during our slow times.

TheCheck In module also allows our front desk staff to notify our members of any importantmessages from our corporate office or remind our members if they have a scheduled appointmentwith a personal trainer or if they have a scheduled appointment in the spa.

At VillaSport, we have a great cafe calledVillaCafe.

We offer pastries in the morning, sandwiches in the afternoon.

CSI providesus with a Point of Sale module to track those sales.

The Point of Sale software actuallyallows to capture credit card signatures, all on an electronic capture device throughCSI Software Spectrum NG.

The Point of Sale system is also used in our outdoor pool areabecause we have a cafe in that area.

So POS module enables our staff to take orders, keepthose tickets open until the member is ready to complete their payment.

Spectrum NG isflexible enough for us to use wirelessly using a mobile device.

For example, around our poolarea, we will be using Apple iPads and running CSI Point of Sale on those.

So our personal training department schedulesand books several appointments with our members and nonmembers.

In order to track all thoseappointments, we use the Scheduler module.

The module itself is great because it booksout specific trainers, specific resources or rooms required to facilitate the training.

So, if we have a personal training session being done in one room, only one trainer canbe using that room because it automatically gets reserved.

Spectrum NG allows our staff to manage thelocker rentals throughout our facility.

Using the Locker module in CSI, our staff can assignspecific lockers to member accounts and bill those on a monthly basis.

VillaKids facility is a 12-thousand squarefoot facility dedicated to kids.

They have their own studios.

They have their own playarea, indoor and outdoor.

They have a crib area for our infants.

The different sectionsof the VillaKids area are also separated by different age groups.

The Kid Care modulein Spectrum NG provides our staff with the tools to check in the child.

It streamlinesthat process.

We have profiles of each child.

We know their allergies.

We know if there’sany specific notes for that child in terms of they’re not allowed to play in the wateror they need any special attention during their stay at VillaKids.

From a security standpoint,it tracks who’s authorized to pick up and drop off your child.

So we’re able to validatewith a picture who the guardians or who the authorized people are to pick up your child.

We use Spectrum NG throughout our entire facility,including our spa.

The VillaSpa at VillaSport offers a wide array of services from nailsto waxes and massages.

And in order to manage the bookings and reservations for our spa,we need to have a system that is flexible enough to allow us to book these appointments,know that this member has special requirements for their service, like if they always prefera female masseuse versus a male masseuse.

The system must also accommodate some of ourrooms.

CSI took everything that we needed to operateour club and provided us a tool to manage that.