Dale McCarrellCFO of East Bank Club We’re at East Bank Club in Chicago, IL.

We are a 450,000-square-foot facility with roughly 11,000 members.

We’re two city blockswide and four stories tall.

East Bank Club is the largest stand-alone club in the world,as far as gross revenues.

What differentiates us is the variety of thingsthat we have: six various food and beverage facilities, eight tennis courts, basketballcourts, we have a quarter-mile running track, we have four pools, we have a driving range,a salon, we have a spa, we have a valet cleaners, you can get your car washed here, we havebusiness meetings here.

So most health clubs just have a workout facility, where we combinethe social aspect.

We have a three-person IT department at EastBank Club of which we have a network manager, a database coordinator, and a help desk administrator.

Our legacy software really was built on anold platform.

It was originally created in 1980.

So it definitely was outdated, and wewere having problems with the efficiency of the software.

So, we knew we needed to makea change.

I was looking for software that ran on the latest and greatest platform, asoftware that we were going to be able to integrate with other software we have in theclub rather easily, and I really liked the idea that Spectrum had an online portal forour members.

Online ServicesThe online portal helps save us money in the fact that members can go in the portal andchange their member information.

They can make payments online.

They can access theirstatements.

They can schedule both programs and one-on-one private lessons.

So with thatsaid, there’s less phone calls to our staff, there’s less room for errors in applyingpayments.

So, to-date we’ve sort of knocked out about a position and a half in the businessoffice.

Accounts Receivable and BillingThe Accounts Receivable module has helped save us specifically in staff time.

The billingprocess in the legacy system was about six hours every month.

And now with Spectrum NG,it’s only about an hour and a half.

SchedulerWith Scheduler we have used it in almost every area of the club where we need reservations.

We’ve used it for tennis.

We’ve used it for personal training, pilates, golf, children’sprograms.

It has enough flexibility where each area can take advantage of it.

And notonly do we book within the club, but our members can schedule online.

And Spectrum NG letsour staff access their schedules remotely from home.

Spectrum NG has allowed us really to cut alot of costs throughout the club.

We were able to reduce our credit card fees so thatwe were able to open it up to the market and got an unbelievable rate.

It allowed us tocut staff time in that we didn’t need as much staff to do some of the work becauseeverything’s integrated or all in one package.

It enabled us to save on software costs andmaintenance costs because we reduced the number of softwares within the club because SpectrumNG could do a lot of various things that we needed specific software for.

And it helpedreduce programming costs because we still have some software here like parking or foodand beverage.

The interfaces between those types of software because of the platformthat Spectrum NG is built on, our programming costs are minimal.

Ever since we made the decision to go withSpectrum NG, the conversion process has been almost seamless.

They sent one of their peopleout here to sit with our managers to see how we were using the legacy system and theirrequirements.

And then they set up the software, came back, and we started doing training.

The whole training process was about four months, and it couldn’t be any better.