hello there I'm chef Johnny and this isTexas Style BBQ and Cuisine glad you stopped bytoday we have some New Mexico hatch chilies we're gonna show you how to cookthose down and make a great big burrito with a red chili sauce from New Mexicochilies so stick around see how we do it the very first thing I'm gonna do is startthis is I'm gonna make my red chilli sauce so have my Vitamix mixer I haveone of these down on my Amazon store if you've never used a Vitamix don't knowwhat you're missing there excellent excellent products but having it rightthere now see these Chili Peppers I'm using they are hatch chili peppers andthey are quite flavorful you can really only give them about once a year whenthey harvest in New Mexico they send them out all right if it's an off timeand Anaheim is the same species of pepper the difference is is where it'sgrown they're grown in Anaheim California and these are grown in hatchNew Mexico I' got about 10 peppers in there m going to pour the juice that came off of them and I do have a video that you can look at and see how we softenthese up and how we render them I'll put a link down below it's just how torehydrate dried chili peppers now I'm gonna take Oh 1/2 3/4 of a cup of thejuice that cooked off of those in there with it I'm gonna see if we can startblending these up now on top of that I'm gonna take abouta cup of chicken stock and I'm gonna tell you right now for it by startyelling you're gonna go that's not authentic New Mexico then somebody else is going to holler and anyways if you look there are all kinds of recipes some havechicken stock some don't some just have the pepper pretty much salt pepper maybea little bit of garlic others have coriander and cumin and theyhave some fresh garlic and some gar(lic) and some powdered garlic so there's allkinds of recipes for New Mexico chili sauce this is just one of them that thatI happen to have and use and like and it it works it works very good it's veryflavorful so so I do realize there's a lot of different ways to make this ifpeople are very proud of their other peppers in their recipes but this isjust one of the many ways that people make red chili sauce all right so nowthat we have the disclaimer going we got to put the lid back on itblend it a little more then I'm going to add about 6 cloves of fresh garlic to it if you wanted to just put the wholecloves in there these were ran through a garlic press but you could you just putthem in there and let your blender mix it up for you and I am going to put maybe ateaspoon of coriander these were toasted coriander seeds and we just put them ina coffee mill ground them up and I'm gonna put maybe a teaspoon of cumin and there's not a whole lot just a little bit where you can taste that it's there blend it next thing I'm gonna add is I gotsome white onion I'm gonna take it oh maybe a 1/2 cup drop it into my sauce now at this stage of the game you've got to blend it well there's two differentthings you could do you could pass it if you wanted a nice silky smooth you couldpass this through a sieve or chinois something very fine get any particulatesthat are in there out or use it like it is this Vitamix blends it up really well I think it's smooth enough I'm not goingto pass it through a strainer but if you wanted to you could strain it to makeeven a smoother silkier sauce what we're gonna do now is we start making oursauce where I thicken it up some I've got about oh I'd say three tablespoonsof flour and we're just going to make a roux we want to get the raw the rawflour taste out of this if you take a little darker it's gonna put a richnessin your in your sauce that you wouldn't have so just kind of your your idea ofhow you want it but the darker this gets the little smokier flavor and ourchili sauce we're just gonna stir in our roux this is fairly thick already but I'm gonna add some more chicken broth to this I'm gonna work that Roux into oursauce real good and right now you could and right now you could use this for an enchilada sauce I mean it would work great I'm gonna add some chicken stock and remember it won'tthicken until it comes to a boil so we can add our chicken stock about a cup stir that in bring this to a boil andwe should have a nice thick sauce again now this is starting to boil so itshould start thickening again and as the ah the flour mixes in with that liquidit'll get thick it starts swelling up and we'll have a nice rich sauce heregive it a little taste oh yeah tastes real good only thing this needs is alittle salt so I'm gonna oh take maybe a half a teaspoon put thatin there remember you can always add you can't take out so stir that in you canuse the rest of that salt nine out of ten times if you taste something yourthat needs something is salt or it's acid so this time it was salt we neededmove this off to the side let it stay warm we're gonna set up the blackstonegriddle show you how we get the burrito going what we're gonna do now is westart cooking our meat we just have some asada here its seasoned up with ah fajitaseasoning and y'all if y'all saw my carne a la Mexicana ya'll can see howI make this just take a cheap a cheap cut of meat cut it up small so that it's tender it make sure you get across the grain and we're just start cooking thisdown flip this over you can tell it's this griddle is nice and hot it's starting tocook already now I'm going to drop some pico de gallo right on top of itgood little amount of cilantro onions tomatoes jalapenos and this meat afterwe chopped it up all we did was we it's been marinating just with someBolners Brand Fiesta fajita seasoning so it's been sitting in it forabout hour and a half two hours just soaking in the flavorwell that's finishing cooking I'm just going to add some refried beans here onthe other side of the griddle I've got a recipe for my refried beansand again I'm just kind of chopping them up here add me a little oil to my griddle traditionally you would fry refried beans and lard let's take some of my redsauce we made while ago it's just sitting here and staying warm and I'mgonna drizzle a little bit of it on this meat let that cook in and that is adding aton of flavor to this meat move this back over to this side gonna clear me a spotto heat up my big burritos tortillas that I had to make my burrito with nowI'm gonna get my tortilla down start getting it hot you can tell when a tortillais starting to cook up pretty good you see where that tortilla starts puffingup it starts puffing up you know it's about ready you flip it over and thenget it ready to go see the little puffs in it just pick it up and turn it overit looks pretty see you got a little bit of browning I'm gonna take some of mybeans and I'm just gonna spread them not quite in the center a little bit offcenter here across my tortilla some of my asada some fresh onion a little bit ofcheese all just to get it's starting to get hard I'm gonna pick it up while I roll this and make it I'm gonnajust sit it on my Blackstone cutting board that will keep it from getting toocrispy on me where it's not pliable anymore but that's on fresh onion cheeseyou got to be careful these really did grow on you see you can get way too muchin them real fast if you're not careful little lettuce little tomato now take mytortilla and fold up the edges fold this over and when you fold it I roll it overyou want to tuck it and kind of draw all that back in right there and then rollit up the rest of the way now we have a burrito that everything is not going tofall out of set it down let that start crisping we're gonna roll it over letthis side cook for a second get a little crunch on this side also we're gonnaserve this with the seam down so we got the right side down right sides up I'mgonna take my red sauce sprinkle it across the top that is pretty rightthere and we want plenty of melted cheese up on top of this let's go right here it's gonna add alittle water around the outer edge so I can get some steam going cover that helpsmelt our cheese all right there we go we have some nice melted cheese that islooking beautiful let me ya that's a pretty looking burritowe're gonna put a little sauce on our plate and that beautiful New Mexico redchili sauce I'm gonna pick this up just with my spatulas onto my plate want toget these cheese's down here oh yeah put that on there just garnish this I'mgonna put some nice fresh cut onion up on top it'd be a little texture will bea little color put that up there where it looks pretty lets see if we slice thisburrito up real quick I tell you what is gonna taste great I bet you it looksbeautiful oh yeah look at that that burrito looks beautiful let me uh I'mgonna cut off a piece and see if I can take a bite it's gonna be messy tell youthat get my fork here give this a try oh it's hot let me tell you that is cheesy licious that is a good good burrito that red sauce is tremendous it is just packedfull of flavor those New Mexico chilies did a great jobour cheddar cheese melted on top pico de gallo whole recipe works good togetherremember to check out my other videos that I recommended in here show you kindof how to rehydrate the peppers how to cook this asadathe way we do it the total method I've got videos on both those but this isgreat it's fantastic hope you enjoyed this fantastic burrito as much as I didjust remember slice your meat then season it wellget it on the griddle get you a nice big ah tortilla make you some burritoscause these are fantastic thanks for stopping by tell your friends and family about usalways do appreciate that share us on your social media and we're going to see you down the road on Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine how them boys put food away beats all I have ever seen.