(Music)Time to cook it up this morning, and what'stastier than adding some southwestern flavor and varietyto our meal planning.

With us this morning, my friend, ChefChris Paul.

He's gonna show us something scrumptious.


Good morning.

This smells – oh my gosh – so good!We're making fajitas! We are, how'd you know? Cause I lovefajitas.

I'm Hispanic – I love fajitas.


Alright, sowhat are we adding? I know we have green peppers, red peppers,onions.

Yep, we have Hatch, that's the main ingredient.

Hatch what? We actually have 2 different things and I'vemarinated these in a fajita mix.

I figured let's go the otherway.

This, they have a sauce that's a green chile sauce.

Hatch Green Chile – ola ola ola.

So good.


So we got someonions and peppers in here.

I'm just gonna go ahead and add.

Wait wait wait.

Isn't that good? Oh that's really good.

Oh youknow what? It's actually very tasty and it's very mild.

Thewonderful thing about Hatch Green Chile cooking sauce isthat it's certified gluten free and there's no preservatives.

Ohthat's awesome.

I'm gonna stir this up and I'm gonna add – achoice actually to add chicken or beef.

I'm gonna go with thebeef today.


And again, this sauce is so good you caneven have a little more.

Where are these chiles from? Thechiles are from New Mexico.


Golden place that'sgreat I like that.

This company's actually been aroundfor 30 years.

They know what they're doing.

And it has a lotof little tastes where you could just add some more.

Thank youvery much.

You're reading my mind this morning.

(Laughter)This is awesome.

Alright, for the purposes of time cause Iknow we only have a couple minutes.

Let's pretend this isready OK? OK.

So, I would grab all.

Oh well you've already gotsomething done for me.

So let's add a little bit of peppers.

Redand OK I'll take that.

Green peppers, how about chicken? OKlet's do chicken.

I'm gonna go ahead and give you a little bitof avocado.

I'll take an avocado.

A little bit of cheese?A little bit of cheese, a bit of cheese.

And you know what I wasthinking? You could actually even use this – you know I loveto cook as much as you do.


With eggs! Ahhhh, that's what Ihad this morning with this.

You can combine it with eggs too.

It's so good.

It really is, it adds flavor, it's authenticflavor, really authentic flavor.

The chiles really comes thru.

Soyou kind of cook with it, you can use it as a little bit of asauce for a sandwich, a fajita.


Everything, and itadds a little bit of flavor.

Alright, so finally what are yougonna do with that steak when it's done? Well, I'm actuallygonna make it and give it to you.

Absolutely, that was theright answer.

(Laughter) Alright Chef, thank you very much.

Iappreciate it.

No problem.

And of course if you'd like moreinformation on Hatch Green Chile, you go to the websitewhich is hatchchileco – that's CO.

Com – hatchhatchcileco.


Also go to ourwebsite thebalancingact.


It tastesfabulous.