<<Chef Marc Daniels: "Hi, welcome to Savor Food and Life.

I'm Marc Daniels, Executive Chef at San Angelo Community Medical Center.

I have with me today Dr.


How you doing today?" Dr.

Sara Halfmann: "Good.

How are you today?" Chef Marc Daniels: "I'm doing great.

" Dr.

Sara Halfmann: "Good.

" Chef Marc Daniels: "People will be interested to know that.

" Dr.

Sara Halfmann: "Yes.

" Chef Marc Daniels: "You're new to your practice here.

" Dr.

Sara Halfmann: "I am.

" Chef Marc Daniels: "But you're not new to town.

" Dr.

Sara Halfmann: "That's right.

I was born and raised in San Angelo.

Went off for a while to go to medical "Yes, I am too.

I'm excited about this recipe today.

You're giving me dinner ideas.

" Chef Marc Daniels: "Right.