What I am going to show you is the campaignwe call Hash Tag Killer which is created around the show Psych.

Psych is a buddy show withJames Roday and Dule Hill.

James plays Shawn Spencer to help the SantaBarbara Police department solve crimes.

It is a comedy written by Steve Franks, veryfunny, he wrote Big Daddy.

It has a really strong quirky feel to it thathas a great eighteen to thirty four demographic following about one point four million peoplethat tune in every Wednesday night.

What we decided to do as we go into our six pointfive season is to create a storyline that takes place in the virtual world.

So ratherthan a story that takes place on air every Wednesday night, the story takes place acrossmultiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, videos, games, mobile devices and unfoldsacross all those platforms: as a trans media storytelling sort of execution happening inreal time.

The goal is to draw users in to help Shawn and Gus solve a mystery.

A personcalling himself the Hashtag Killer starts taunting Shawn and Gus on their Facebook fanpage and Twitter feed and Shawn and Gus go on a cross country spree to try to catch theHashtag Killer.

When you go into the experience for the first time you are brought into atelevision experience.

You are presented with a four minute video that looks exactly likethe show.

We went up to Vancouver and shot with talent the entire intro and the entireexperience and actually shot over forty minutes of custom content when pulled together andadded in with the rest of the content constitutes the real multi platform episode that we createdhere.

So the users actually log in with Facebook, the entire script was actually broken outinto one hundred forty characters pieces with each one of the characters of the script thesame as if you were reading your Facebook timeline or as if you were reading everythingon Twitter.

So interactions between allthe different show characters and Shawn and Gushappen in little bitable one hundred forty character bits so you can share on Twitter,Facebook, and Google plus.

And by using the open graphics that are brought into the storyso Shawn and Gus actually interact with users in real time so they ask questions.

They askyou, Should we go left or right, Should we go to Ohio or Iowa? The more you interactthe more points you earn, and bring yourself up the leaderboards.

So you are going throughthe video experience, the textual experience, your getting messages, incoming calls on thephone, and collecting pieces of evidence trying to track to track down this person beforethey kill somebody every single week.

The really interactive asset to this is that becauseit is happening in real time, you can't just sit down on a Wednesday and go through thewhole experience.

You have to go back through the experience as if you are interacting withthe show characters like they are your friends.

Eight oclock in the morning that is when thestory begins with Shawn and Gus and get interactive with you asking questions getting to the nextpoint in the story line and throughtout the entire day we are releasing more pieces ofcontent, every single day, seven days a week.

So each week they bring you to a new cityand you have to track down the killer before he kills somebody.

They end up killing sevenvictims through the entire experience over seven weeks.

We had a little twist on HashtagKiller is that the dead bodies that are seen at the crimescene where you had a blond woman lying on the floor facedown so instead of revealingthis woman as an actor we pulled a blond woman from the leaderboards in Hashtag Killer.

Sowhat we did was we brought seven users from the entire platform in to the story talkingexperience immortalized as Psych fans as part of the overall story.

The first person we killed little did we know that she had seventy five thousand followerson Facebook and had a Psych fan page and radio station.

so we were very lucky that we pickedthe perfect person to help catapult this experience to a whole new stratosphere.

When we launchedthis on September twenty eighth on a Wednesday, Hashtag Killer, the hashtag itself was thetrending topic worldwide on Twitter.

The results that we had over seven weeks wasthat HashTag Killer earned over one hundred twenty eight million page views.

Four hundredthousand unique visitors came throughout the seven weeks.

Average time spent on the experiencewas fifteen minutes per visit.

Four hundred thousand shares on Facebook.

Two hundred seventy thousand Twitter shares,twenty million followers.

Eighty million exposures across the social media platform over seven weeks.

Fifteen percent returned every single daywas coming back for the experience and wanted to figure out how to engage.