Hi guys.

Today is our 5th day in Japan.

We're gonna do our laundry first this morning.

Later in the afternoon, we'll search for a Halal restaurant to have lunch.


We're done with laundry.

It took about an hour and a half.

And now, my wife and I are on our way to find a place to eat.

We are starving.

Before heading off, I rented 2 bikes at the Kyoto Eco Trip.

The price for 2 bicycles with the return time set at 10PM is ±USD25.

I can use the bikes from noon until 10PM.

If you don't feel like riding the train which can be kinda boring.

You can ride a bicycle around Kyoto while enjoying the amazing scenery.

While we are biking, my phone died.

(laughs) So let's charge it first as I don't know my way around here.

We're gonna wait for the battery to charge, open the Google Maps app.

And we'll be good to go.

Fuhhh~ It's tiring.

Gonna take five next to the river.

Okay, we've parked our bikes just now.

It's a bit far from the restaurant we're heading to.

The restaurant serves Halal Yakiniku.

If you wanna know how it looks like, I'll show you after this.

Unfortunately, the Halal Yakiniku restaurant is totally full.

So I'm going to another Halal restaurant next to it.

Called Halal Naritaya Ramen.

This restaurant offers several types of ramen.

And there's also dumplings.

(Spicy Miso Ramen ±USD9.

60) (Fried Dumplings ±USD4.

80) We just finished our lunch at Halal Naritaya Ramen.

I tried their Spicy Miso Ramen.

And it was really good.


Totally suits my palate.

And most importantly, it has that spiciness to it.

Their dumplings were nice too.

Another thing to note, this restaurant provides a praying room for customers.

So for those who are planning to come here for lunch or dinner.

Make sure to time it well so that you can perform your prayers here.

Okay, now I'm heading to a temple nearby for a little stroll.

There's a lot of temples and shrines here in the Gion area.

[ No translations will be available for this part ] [ English subtitles will resume at minute 5:57 onwards ] I've arrived at one of the temples in Gion.

After lunch just now, my tummy feels quite full.

[ Product recommendation not applied to other regions than South East Asia ] [ English subtitles will resume at minute 7:03 ] I'm staying in Kyoto for 4 days and 3 nights only.

And I think it's absolutely too short.

But that's okay.

I can visit Kyoto again and stay longer next time.

It's around 7PM currently.

I'm gonna take our bikes back and then we'll head back to the rental place to return our bicycles.

To release your bike from the parking clamp, you have to pay the parking fee first.

The time now is around 8.


And I've already returned the bikes.

The maximum usage is actually up until 10PM.

But I think that's all for our adventure today.

The weather is super cold as well.

So I think that's a wrap for today's episode.

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