– You can touch it, if you want.

I don't care.

(laughing) – Dude, why does thatfeel so natural, though? (soft music) – Hello.

(laughs) – Hi, I'm Ilah Dizon.

– Hi, I am Shahram Salemy.

I am a plastic surgeon here, in Seattle.

– Oh, okay.

– Like, honestly, I've consideredcosmetic surgery before.

Actually, a tummy tuck.

– I wanna get a nose job, Iwould love to get a boob job, and I would love to get my lips filled.

I was hoping you could get a leg job and put a stilt in thereand make myself taller.

I'd do it all, I'd go crazy.

– Yeah, let's do it.

– Okay.

– Hi, I'm John.

– Hello, John, okay.

– Nice to meet you.

– Would you mind justturning around for me.

Mm-hmm, great.

– It'd be hard to telljust by looking at you if you'd had anything donefrom a cosmetic standpoint.

– Want me to turn around? – (laughs) No.

(laughs) Weird.

– I didn't have penis reduction surgery.

– Wha! (laughs)- Sorry.

– Wow, yeah, yes, I'm gonnasay that you got a nose job.

– Can you raise your eyebrowsup, you've had some Botox? – Yup.

– Just give me what's up.

– I have not had a nose job.

– I've done filler in my lip.

– Wait, how much was the lip fillers? – Like a thousand.

– And you have good teeth.

You've done somethingto whiten your teeth.

– Bleach, yup.

– Yeah, did I cover everything– – Covered pretty much everything.

The only thing else thatI've had is Kybella.

– Yeah, so, that's an injectionto try to dissolve fat.

There's kind of pros and cons to it.

Hurts like hell sometimes, yeah.

– (laughs) It does burn.

– Alright, thank you.

– That was good.

Alright, I'm calling that a win.

I'm just gonna say I'm not keeping score, but I'm totally keeping score.

– Hi.

– Fuck.

– Oh, sorry.

– I know right.

– Yeah.

– Can he come down here.

– Would that be insulting, I don't wanna– – Come here, come here,no, get on your knees.

– Lift your eyebrows up, okay.

– I can only do one side.

– I think you may have gottensome sort of injection, Botox or otherwise, just becauseyour skin seems really firm and nice and your forehead doesn't really have any wrinkles in it at all.

– Nothing else pokes at ya? (laughing) – What I do see is that you probably have what's called a facial nerve palsy.

Have you been told that? – Yes, it's a nerveparalysis on this side, not this side, obviously.

– Yeah.

– I've been used to this for 36 years so, it's like, eh, butit's really annoying.

– So other than that Imean you're just wonderful.

I dunno, I don't see anything else.

– I have a feeling you're oneof my no plastic surgeries.

– No, I don't think she'shad cosmetic surgery.

I think she's had multiple surgeries.

I mean I see scars on knees.

So I wouldn't consider,like, surgery on the knees or the back as cosmetic.

– How many surgeriesdo you think I've had? – At least 10? – 21.

(chokes) Have any of them been for cosmetic? – Yes, I've had anorthognathic jaw surgery.

I guess you can say likefacial reconstruction.

I used to joke around, but my 20th surgery was gonna be for, like, truly for me and that was my breasts.

– Mmm.

– Can ya tell? – Ah, tah.

(laughing) – It looks very naturaland balanced with you.

– Thank you.

– So, that's great.

– Especially since I'm notwearing a bra, so, yay! – A little more information than we needed but we're fine with that.

(laughing) – Oh, I'm proud.

– We're good.

– We're not in New Orleans, so.

– No, no, no, please.

(laughing) – We're good.

– Take care, take care.

– Thank you so much.

(clapping) – Let's do this.

– Let's do it.

– Girl, you already know,you already know, okay.

(laughs) – You can touch it ifyou want, I don't care.

(laughing) That feels so weird.

– Ah.

(laughs) I'm like, I was sweating.

– Mm-hm.

– What do you think stands out? – Ah, well, mmhmm, could youturn around again for me? (laughing) – I feel like they're implants.

'Cause that, like youcould set a cup on it.

– It feels like one of those like, really nice beds that you bounce on.

This is totally a fake booty.

– My butts not fake.

– That's not a fake butt, no! (laughs) – That's real? – Yeah, my ass is real.

– Has anyone ever askedyou if your ass was fake? – Oh, I get asked everyday,almost, everyday, yeah – Shaky, shaky, shaky,shaky, shaky, shaky.

That's a real butt.

(clapping) – Hi.

– Hi, you're gorgeous,you look like a Barbie.

Oh my God, you alreadyknow where I'm staring.

– I think your tattoo is making me want to look at your breasts, I guess, and make me think thatthose may or may not be, real, fake, anyways.

– Just gotta feel it,do you wanna feel mine? For science.

– For science.

– We're doing science right now.

– Nose is really symmetrical.

Can you bring your chin up for me? I don't see a scar.

So, I don't think you've had a rhinoplasty and in the way you're wearing your top, you've either had augmentation or you're wearing a brathat's accentuating that.

– Boob job.

– You got a boob job.

– I got a boob job.

– Yeah, she got a boob job.

– This might be offensive if I'm wrong.

It sounds like, perhaps, maybe you were, born a man or something like that and then went throughsurgery to become Haley.

– Clocked.

(laughing) – So, I did have a sex change,gender confirmation surgery or something like that,so, I've had my chest done.

I did have a slight Juvederm and I also just got a, had a vaginal plasty in April as well.

– Well I can tell you for sure, we would not have beenable to see the third one.

– I thought, it's like– – And if I did, you could just take my medical license right now.

– I mean did everything gowell, are you able to use like, your parts how they would be used.

– Everything works, I havelike six inches of depth.

– Nice.

– Yeah and it's, like,all the hardware's there.

It gets wet, it can be orgasmic.

– Oh, oh, sweet, that's awesome.

– Yeah.

I have a labiaplasty coming up.

– A little more informationthen we needed, but okay.

– The labiaplasty's kinda like a face lift for your vagina.

– They do that? – Yeah, a lot of women whohave children actually, get labiaplasties too.

– Yeah, I should probably look into that.

– Loose lips.

– I'm honestly scared tosee what it looks like.

Oh my God, I'm afraid.

(laughing) It's so nice to meet you.

– It was good meeting you.

– First thing I notice,really good looking guy.

– You clearly moisturize, like,a lot, like your skin is– – Like I look greasy as fuck.

– No like, that's probably, like, the best skin I've ever seen in my life.

– Okay.

– I'm gonna say you havehad plastic surgery.

Can I get closer? – You can get closer.

– Can I look at you, okay, great, yeah.

Oh, yeah, those lips I'm gonna say.

Yeah, those aren't yours.

– You have had lip fillers.

– I would say probablynot had anything done.

So, have you had anything done? – I have not had anything done.

– Yes.

– Fuck, wow, those are your lips? – Those are my lips.

– Gee, are you looking at his lips? – I use lip plumper, butit's just like a top coat.

It's like a chap stick.

– What the hell? – Do you wanna try some? – Can I try some? – Do you wanna try some right now? – Wait, is it FDA approved? – Probably not, try it, here.

– Okay.

– It's gonna tingle.

– Oh, fucking Jesus.

(laughing) – I'm salivating, do you see it? – Yeah, don't lick it, yeah.

(laughs) She's literally drooling.

So would you like to put it on? – I'm good.

– I thought it'd be a no.

Nice to meet you.

– It was so nice to meet you, thank you.

– Good luck on the lips.

– I'm gonna be talkingfunny the rest of the time.

You should have saved that for last.

– Hi.

– Hi.

– I'm Marty, nice to meet you.

– Nice to meet you.

– May I look at yourbody and your breasts.

– Yup.

– Okay, thanks.

– This is a really nice, juicy butt.

Your butt's real, right? – I don't actually see stretch marks.

Have you ever had kids? – Yes.

– Okay, because you had kids, I'm guessing you had a tummy tuck.

– Breast operation,maybe a tummy operation, and maybe some liposuction,we call it a Mommy Makeover.

– I'm just gonna say no,that's what I'm gonna say.

I'm gonna say you'reall natural, am I wrong? – I, yes.

– What have you gotten done? – Breast lift, liposculpture, tummy tuck.

– You had a tummy tuck too? – Yes.

(claps) – Anything else, you think? – No, I feel like it was just.

Really, I thought was a natural, just– – Well, there was oneat one point in time.

(laughing) – They did the fat transfer to my butt.

– They transferred this to there? – Butt, yeah.

– Fuck.

Well they did a good job.

– Okay, give me a hug, itwas so nice to meet you.

– Nice to meet you.

(clapping) – You look amazing.

– What's your name? – Anna.

– Anna, hi.

– Nice to meet you.

– Shahram.

– Your nose, you have abridge, which is surprising because a lot of Asians,you don't have a bridges.

– Can I touch your nose? – Mm-hm.

– Okay, can I, I'm justgonna hold right here.

– Whoop! – I was feeling to see ifI could feel an implant in there and I would say probably not.

It's hard to tell.

– No, I'm gonna guess the nose.

– I didn't get my nose done.

– Dammit, so, you'reall natural aren't you? – I am all natural now.

– Oh, wait, wait, did youtake out breast implants? – Yes.

– Did you take a lot of selfiesthough, when you had them? – Not really.

– Oh.

– I was covering them more.

– Really? – I thought I was gonna be like, yeah! But no, that wasn't really – You're like uncomfortable.

– Yep.

It felt like everybody wasjust staring at your boobs.

– I wouldn't mind if people were staring at my boobs everywhere, I'dbe like dream come true! – Do you like your body nowmore than you did before, like you had them? – I think I appreciate myself more.

I don't have any feelings on,like, one third of my breast and some people loosesensation on their nipples.

– Now, I'm like, scared.

– Yeah.

– You're like scaring me.

– Do you have kids? – I do.

– Any girls? – Two.

– Would you say yes, go aheadand do it for your kids? – For my kids it'sdifficult to, as a father, 'cause you look as your girls as perfect.

But I think ultimately Iwould be supportive of them.

– So nice to meet you.

– Thank you so much.

– Hi, I'm Kirby.

– Davion.

– Okay, the lastcontestant, okay, let's see.

(laughing) – You're dreading this? – Out of all the people, this is probably the most nervous one.

– I'm making you the most nervous? – Yeah.

– How am I making you the most nervous? – I don't know, 'cause you're a doctor.

– You have really, really pretty eyes, but that's not like a thing,you can't get those enhanced.

– Lift up the shirt, okay,we got some abs right there, I like to see those.

– Ah, I see, I see the scars.

– No, I don't think youhave had anything done.

– I don't think you've had anything done.

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it there.

I would be surprised.

– Does that mean that youtransitioned your chest from, let's say my chest, to your chest.

– That's correct.

– Wait, what was your plastic surgery? – I had a double mastectomy.

– Oh, I don't know what that means.

– So, I had like, my breasts removed.

– Ow.

– Yeah.

– Why? – 'Cause I was, like I was born a female and then I transitioned to a male.

– Oh, really? – Yeah.

– Congratulations dude, that's awesome.

– So, I had a double mastectomy, so, yeah.

So, I had my breasts removed last year.

Actually, so, yeah.

– What? – Yeah.

I used to work with kids, so I'd tell them I gotattacked by a shark.

(laughs) And so they always tell their parents, they're like Mr.

Davionwas attacked by a shark, he's so cool, so a lot of people just think I was attacked by a shark.

– That's fantastic, congratulations.

– Thank you.

– That was a big step.

– Yeah.

– It must have been scary as hell.

– It was scary.

I was like damn, am I ready? – Huh.

– And then when I got to thehospital, I was getting prepped and then I got out of the hospital bed and started putting on my clothes, when I was like, I'm not ready for this and my mom was like, I took off for work so you're doing this, so I did it and I was like super happy.

I was like I'm glad Idid this when I did it.

– Well I wish you a lot of success.

– Thank you.

– You're gonna do great, youdon't have to be nervous, do I make people nervous? What is this? Yeah it's the uniform, thiswas not my idea by the way.

They sent me like seven emailssay like, wear your scrubs.

– For sure, definitely,plastic surgery can mean a wide variety of things and alot of the time it's not bad.

– I'm very, like, allabout body positivity, but I don't think me wanting to get a tummy tuck changes that.

So, like, I really don'tthink my opinion has changed.

I still fully support it.

– I still can't believethat, that booty is real.

(laughing) I can't believe it.

I'm shook, I'm shook, you know.